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  1. Rudd

    RD collets v ER collets - interchangable?

    I found a large lot of RD collets at auction. Will they fit an ER holder? I cant see a difference, but could not measure. Thanks thanks
  2. Rudd

    Anyone know what's going on with MSC?

    They do discount. I get a discount, see first post. I am having real doubts that the discount is worth it with the poor performance I see out of them lately.
  3. Rudd

    Backplate dia for Bison 6"? - for 13" SB lathe w 1 7/8 nose

    JohnWol - thanks, that is the answer I needed, but didn't like when I got it. :)
  4. Rudd

    Backplate dia for Bison 6"? - for 13" SB lathe w 1 7/8 nose

    Doberman: Remember Ben Franklin's advice: "Better to keep you mouth shut and be thought a fool, than open it and remove all doubt"
  5. Rudd

    Backplate dia for Bison 6"? - for 13" SB lathe w 1 7/8 nose

    Would anyone know what the backplate dia. of the above chuck is? 2 piece jaws if possible. My old cushman is badly sprung at certain diameters. I'd like to save time & money by re-using the backplate if possible. Here is the link to the Bison specs, but I cannot see the info I need...
  6. Rudd

    Guard Screws

    I ran across 3 of those on an old book nipping press from around 1910 that came in for repair. That was my guess too, #16. 18 TPI. One of the screw heads was broken, and the customer wanted something they could buy if needed. We -just- had room for 5/16, so that's what we did.
  7. Rudd

    SB 13 Parts Request

    bracket at the right is the same part as the collet holder stand base. That's what I bought on the bay. Tie rod could be made from round bar. I can get you dimensions if you need them.
  8. Rudd

    Anyone know what's going on with MSC?

    I have used them for years, they are 1 days shipping away over in Atlanta, and I get a discount that makes their prices about the same as anywhere else. I used to put in an order for several things, they'd all come from Atl. in 1 box the next day. Now, it seems like what they have locally...
  9. Rudd

    How to remove burrs created from tapping aluminum?

    I get best results from a zero flute countersink - the ones with the hole through them. Use WD40 as a cutting lube. You're probably still going to need to hit it with a file lightly. And what Plastikdreams said.
  10. Rudd

    Where does the term "Fillister" (as in Fillister Head") comes from?

    standardized spelling is not that recent. George, I have always spelled it the way you spell it. But then I am 15 miles from the Atlantic, albeit the other side of said Atlantic.
  11. Rudd

    bronze for small scale boiler heads and bushings

    Why not ask in a place where people deal with small hobby boilers? Live Steam - The Home Machinist!
  12. Rudd

    Where does the term "Fillister" (as in Fillister Head") comes from?

    the video just discusses screwdriver types - slotted, robertson, and philips. Fillister is an old word that can mean a slot or groove. I've never seen anything but slotted fillisters (a.k.a. "Cheese head screw" but there are lots of slotted head screws that are not called "fillister head"...
  13. Rudd

    Advice for the greenest student imaginable

    If you intend on going into either welding or machining, you are going to need some sand. I.e., you can't make one effort, screw it up, and decide to move on. I've been doing this a while, and I still make mistakes. I try to learn where I went wrong, then re-do if needed and get it right.
  14. Rudd

    Wtb***** south bend 13" spindle sleeve

    If you have the small spindle with the 1 7/8" x 8 nose, it is a shortened MT4. Same taper, .623"/ft. I got one of the adapters linked above because the MT4 dead center stuck out further than I wanted. Lo and behold, stick the adapter in, put in an MT3 center, the point ends up just about the...
  15. Rudd

    OT: Credit card fraud

    Notice how he never said "you're dumb" - he said the statement was dumb. And previous statements were also dumb. SO you twist the words around. I'd also say typical.
  16. Rudd

    South Bend 13" Spindle to Compound Measurement

    South Bend Lathe Works - Publication Reprints - South Bend Tooling Dimensions Spec. Sheet 7324 | VintageMachinery.org
  17. Rudd

    OT -best advice how to remove a locomotive boiler steam dome?

    My best advice is "ask people who regularly deal with model locomotive boilers." Live Steam - The Home Machinist!
  18. Rudd

    SB13" Taper Attachment removal

    I found the compound method for short tapers very hard to get accurate. I did not try the tailstock set-over for long tapers. The TA is just so convenient. I needed to make B&S 9 arbors for my horizontal mill, I left it at that setting for a long time till I needed to do something else, and...
  19. Rudd

    South Bend 13 price?

    See John's comment above re the spindle. The spindle has a 1" through hole. You may find this limiting. The 1 7/8" x 8" tooling is hard to find, I make my own backplates, I was lucky to find a full size 10" faceplate and a dog driver plate, tho these could be made on top of a self made...
  20. Rudd

    South Bend 13 price?

    As above, motors loose torque when you slow them down with a VFD. If you are cutting something large in diameter, this means you will not be able to take heavy cuts. VFD's are nice for "fine tuning" between the steps on the pulleys. Quick and dirty checks for bed wear: Is there a ridge you...