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  1. J

    Daewoo ACE V40 Mill

    Where is the machine located?
  2. J

    Crown Pallet Jacks for sale in Chicago

    This is a Craigslist ad. I'm not the seller, and no relationship to the seller other than that I bought 2 of the pallet jacks this morning. He has several left. Seems like a good guy and he was very helpful. For a quick test I used one to lift my Excello mill which I think is 2400 pounds. No...
  3. J

    1.5 hp J-head motor - winding resistance?

    This ebay community article says a buyer has 30 days after delivery to open a dispute. https://community.ebay.com/t5/Buying/What-is-the-time-limit-to-open-a-dispute-against-a-seller/td-p/32684444 My Excello 1.5 HP motor measures 2.3 & 2.4 ohms between legs when configured for 220V. I can't...
  4. J

    Bearing search

    Have you called Zoro/Grainger? A few years ago I called them to ask about a cross. The lady took my original part number and provided about 6 or 8 of their part numbers to check on their website. One of them was just what I needed. But the website search did not show me any of those when I...
  5. J

    SB heavy 10L carriage lock and cross slide bushing

    Paul, I just assembled my '63 Heavy 10 13 months ago, but I can't remember exactly what I had to do there. I was looking at it tonight, but nothing came to me at first. I do remember wishing I had thought about it before I fastened the apron in place. Matt's reply got me to thinking... I'm...
  6. J

    O/T - Need a new central air conditioner.

    I really liked the mini split systems when I was in China. And I liked that at least in the far south, every room in every condo had a tube through the masonry wall to the outside to facilitate installing them. And every major department store carried a huge selection of mini splits at very...
  7. J

    Help Needed Understanding/Identifying this Buck Boost Transformer

    They're certainly not as common as transformers with independent isolated windings. But they can be less costly to make, so may be used in some specific applications that don't need isolation.
  8. J

    Help Needed Understanding/Identifying this Buck Boost Transformer

    This seems to be an autotransformer. That is a transformer with one winding and taps into that winding. You might be familiar with a Variac, which is an autotransformer with an adjustable tap. An autotransformer clearly does not provide isolation from the line, so you need to take that into...
  9. J

    FS Cheap: Cincinnati 2MH, K & T no.2 and G & E 16" shaper.

    Are these the 10-year-ago pics of the K&T? https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/saved-4-machines-from-the-shredder-today.259594/post-1997214
  10. J

    Boulder, Colorado Hardinge HLV Move

    When I moved my mill, I rented a drop deck trailer. That made it a lot easier to get the pallet jack on and off of the trailer; the deck remains horizontal. The one I rented was an Air-Tow utility trailer. It had 4 D-rings on each side at deck level and I used all 8 to secure the machine. That...
  11. J

    Crossfeed Screw Stops and Goes - Help Please

    You might have a better chance of finding someone with experience with this machine on hobbymachinist.com
  12. J

    Rusting handles on a Bridgeport

    Any chance that someone may have "helped" you by cleaning the shiny handles?
  13. J

    Which Laser Micrometer Should I Buy?

    Parterblockerson Reported as spam
  14. J

    Carbide cutters! Endmills, chamfer mills, drills, reamers, engravers

    I'd like to buy the reamers and engravers. PM coming.
  15. J

    Help with locating and mounting a VFD

    A comment on the last question: If you search McMaster for isolation mounts, you'll find a variety of rubber mounts. Probably a good idea to have some kind of vibration isolation when mounting electronics to machinery.
  16. J

    Starrett, B & S Test Indicators, Micrometers, & More

    I'd like the depth micrometer, center punch, sine bar. Will send PM.
  17. J

    Forum "Run-On" Load Time?

    HEY I'm a former and sometimes software person and I resemble that remark. And thanks for the tip on spaces.reposerve.com -- I was too lazy and indifferent to do anything about it on my system.
  18. J

    Shipping charges .... Did they really go to insane levels ???

    That does seem high if they are coils that will fit into a 12 inch cube. I just placed an order of 5 small items (largest a 1' long 5/16 steel rod) with McMaster today, and UPS shipping was $7.63. But I check the shipping charge after adding each item to the order. Sometimes I see the shipping...
  19. J

    Jacobs drill chuck arbors

    The arbor arrived last week, securely packed and in good shape, thanks. Yes it does appear to be real Jacobs made in England; don't know whether that will make any difference in use. I've been stocking my home shop with quality used parts and so far, can't complain about anything I've bought.
  20. J

    Thread stainless on lathe

    At 46 RPM, I think you can do it, but I suggest getting some practice to refine your technique. Add the relief groove and with some practice, you might even find that you'll want to speed it up a bit. Try practicing on a longer piece so you don't have to worry so much about hitting the chuck if...