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    Yet another shaper question. Things to look for in a larger shaper

    It has been a long time, but the reason I recall for wanting a tilting head is for reducing the projection of a knife and also sometimes to just change the reach and profile to achieve the desired cut. A sliding table is very nice to use like a tenoner, put a fence/stop and clamp on it and do...
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    What are the issues/concerns for extending a shaper spindle?

    The job I ran on my shaper that I bought the corrugated head for in the other thread was profiling some nasty plastic rod. It was a very abusive cut and I got more leery of it the more I ran it. The machine I ran it on is an old Oliver 285 with the threaded on/removable spindle. It is 1.25" and...
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    Doing the "unpaid" work

    This was much easier for me to do when I wasn't nearly as busy as I have been the past 6 months, but quite awhile ago I resigned myself to the fact that I was OK with things taking longer and or not making as much money, missing out on some jobs, etc so I could take care of my personal stuff...
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    Where can I find shaper tooling to make 3 1/2” casings and 4” baseboards?

    I am not a full time shaper hand, I just don't need to run that much compared to my other work, but I have ran more than the average guy. With that said, I like the ease of corrugated knife stock heads as that is what I am used to if it is not a stock profile with carbide. I'd like to have a...
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    Internal corner 'fluff' when 2D machining of Polypropylene

    Have you tried changing cut direction? I have found I get better finish on certain plastics if I conventional cut.
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    What material to use for a cutting surface for track saw?

    They are factory I think, it's a HolzHer from the mid 80's. They are round plastic and taper to a blunt point. App 1/2" tall, they have a peg that sticks out the back that goes into a hole in the board. They are app every 4-6", the main reason I want to go with a solid pc of mdf is that when I...
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    What material to use for a cutting surface for track saw?

    If I have a spoil board on the router it is mdf, my panel saw has laminated particle board on it right now with stand offs but will get mdf on it soon and not use the stand offs. I think either mdf or pb will work for what you are doing. I do not think that the shallow cuts made into it will...
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    Power feed on table saw set up

    While I understand your concerns, there are a couple things that pushed going this way. One is the blanks are no longer than 24", so an 8' fence is not needed in my opinion. The second and main concern was the operators. I wish that I could have an operator that could reliably and safely push a...
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    Fanuc O M controller on a (SuperMax 2) 3 axis mill, need help with machine offsets & no BT-40 spindle rotation, because hi-speed spindle is mounted

    My cnc router has an OM controlling it and it is a multispindle machine. I have 8 spindles that can have the same tool in them or different ones for each, depends on what you want to do.. Anyway, one possibility for you would be to mount your high speed spindle to the side of the original BT40...
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    What size power feeder makes sense?

    I had too look up the versa feeder and one thing I think is worth considering is the less robust arm/clamp system they have on the larger stock. A 12/4 12' long board is going to potentially put more force on the feeder and could tweak the adjustments of the arm on the smaller versa feeder. The...
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    Power feed on table saw set up

    I was hoping to find a straight line rip, but all we were coming up with was huge in all aspects, power requirements, foot print and price. Then of course 2 weeks after we get this a small SLR shows up at auction close enough to go pick up that may go cheap.. Going to keep my eye on it. I do...
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    Power feed on table saw set up

    I spent some time on it today and double checked the things I had assumed and I found out the fence on mine was not quite straight. The laminated pc on the blade side had been replaced and I took it off and checked the tube which seemed to be as straight as I can expect. Ran some boards that was...
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    Power feed on table saw set up

    I didn't have a straight edge at the other shop, but I laid it on the saw table to see if it was very obviously out of whack. I did not check mine today, didn't think of it. It is weird that it is happening on two different machines though. Makes me think it is something with my setup.
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    Power feed on table saw set up

    I just ran some tests on my machine with the fence clamped as well as not clamped in the rear. I put an indicator on it to measure side movement as it fed through and either way I am getting a gap in the middle. It is a little less gap with it clamped. With it clamped there was no movement on...
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    Power feed on table saw set up

    Richard, yes it is the same fence, but I'll admit the main thing I run the feeder on is a single width so I will clamp the rear since it never changes. I'll have to try it on my machine today with out a clamp to see.
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    Power feed on table saw set up

    I am setting up a table saw for another shop to run a power feeder and I thought I knew what I was doing... It is a used Powermatic 66 and we have a used Powermatic 4 wheel 1hp feeder on it. We are cutting 8/4 solid wood of various species, blanks are rough cut to length 16-24" long. I want to...
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    Tooling for Particle Board processing

    I have not used any diamond tooling for many years so my info is not current and it wasn't enough to really have a good baseline, but it did last longer from what I remember. A couple questions for you, are you experimenting with feedrates and rpm? I got in the habit of running the rpm at max...
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    Looking for CNC/Job Shop for low volume complex wood part

    Richard, in my opinion the wood dust/chips in a cnc metal working machine is really only a problem due to the presence of coolant or cutting oil. Cleaning a machine before and after cutting wood is the big pain. If you were to strictly use one to cut wood I think it would be no problem as you...
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    CNC 4'x8' router - ball screws vs helical rack

    The way it was explained to me 15 years ago was somehow a person would measure over the full travels of the machine to a very high level of accuracy and precision, records the difference in actual measured position and what the machine thought it was at. Then they somehow built the compensation...
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    CNC 4'x8' router - ball screws vs helical rack

    My machine is ballscrew and the two I setup and program at another shop are rack. Apples and oranges, mine is a 24,000 lb 30 year old machine, theirs are 10 and 5 years old and they could set on the table of mine. Previous job I had both ballscrew and rack as well on various machines. In my...