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  1. rabidchimp

    Great experience with my local Blanchard Grinder

    Thats cool, Spencer. What was your price? -Aaron
  2. rabidchimp

    Machinists: Share your trucks

    '89 Toyota V6 4x4, with a fresh engine. Here's a little video of me going to pick up material - I've got a couple other videos up as well, mostly metal fab, with some simple lathe work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uttO791Mwfg -Aaron
  3. rabidchimp

    Manual lathe feeds--why no creeper feed?

    My 1942 South Bend 16 goes down to .0015. Accidentally had the machine set to that on a facing OP recently. That took a while. -Aaron
  4. rabidchimp

    Where to by stainless pipe

    Try Online Metal Store | Small Quantity Metal Orders | Metal Cutting, Sales & Shipping | Buy Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless | Metal Product Guides at OnlineMetals.com and McMaster-Carr -Aaron
  5. rabidchimp

    RFQ- 4 of this part

    PM en route. -Aaron
  6. rabidchimp

    Hardinge Lathe/s possible purchase, advice?

    Good eye, Jim. The machine came to me four years ago without that clutch lever. I tried to find an OEM replacement, with no luck, and I have not made a replacement. Its got a 5/16 bolt in there now. The hand wheel has also been repaired, and I have a perfect replacement for that as well...
  7. rabidchimp

    Hardinge Lathe/s possible purchase, advice?

    Jim, they are my machines, and the HC has power feeds on both axes. -Aaron
  8. rabidchimp

    Hardinge HC drilling question

    Your drill could go into a drill bushing, which will be in the properly sized holder. Its that, or run a chuck, which will be held by a holder. Problem with chucks is the space they take up. Good luck. -Aaron
  9. rabidchimp

    Living the dream, the start of my prototyping shop.

    Congrats to you! I wish you luck. I too started a new business this year. -Aaron
  10. rabidchimp

    Hardinge turret plate 3/8 or 1/2, how to tell?

    Jon, not sure if this helps, but I have a 1978 HC. The turret plate is about .900 thick. .644 is the approximate depth from the top of the plate to the bottom of the T slot, which is about .330 thick. -Aaron
  11. rabidchimp

    Allowable rust on new steel tubing

    "The standard is how much rust the consumer is willing to accept on the steel." I'm with Hammbosky on this one. Its up to you. 80%, yes...way too much. Please discuss the issue with your supplier, and let us know the results. -Aaron
  12. rabidchimp

    Three phase using pony motor and capacitor

    I'm talking SIMPLE here, but to get 3 phase power to your machine, from single phase, you just need to get your idler motor movin', then put your 220 to it. You can spin the thing up with the pony motor via shaft, belt, or whatever other idea you come up with. I used to clamp my Baldor 10 hp...
  13. rabidchimp

    Hardinge HC won't turn on (sorta)

    Yep, def not the first. Happened to me with my '78 HC. Ran fine before.....parked it, moved it, tried to get it up and running again, and figured out about the spindle interlock. Yay for manuals! -Aaron
  14. rabidchimp

    Tips for Beginners...

    Watch all of the Youtube videos of Keith Fenner, Adam Booth, and Tom Lipton. -Aaron
  15. rabidchimp

    What have you made WITH your South Bend?

    Friend of mine lost his tamper for his espresso machine, knew that I was finally replacing the 25 year old stereo system in my truck, and offered up a 200 watt, four channel Kenwood amplifier in trade for a tamper. Took some measurements, and got to work. 4 degree taper on the handle and main...
  16. rabidchimp

    First post with new SB lathe

    Congrats! -Aaron
  17. rabidchimp

    OT - FS - "Heavy Duty Metal Cutter"

    Well, thats a cute tool. Haha. Musta been stored in an underwater barn. -Aaron
  18. rabidchimp

    1" vs 2" Square Tubing Stand for 328lb 30" Metal Shear/Brake/Slip Roll Machine

    I had the first stand in my mind, but without the tubes flat on the floor. Thats all you need for this thing. I'd go with 2" .120 wall tubing. Even .065 wall would be plenty strong for this. Cutting the stuff with your portaband could prove to be a challenge. Check with your local steel...
  19. rabidchimp

    Crystallizing a New Approach to Today’s Turning Needs

    After subscribing to Sandvik's youtube page, and learning of GC4325, I was very surprised that this is the only thread on this forum that came up when searching "GC4325". Also surprised there are no responses!