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    Bridgeport M head question

    thanks doozer Very informative Im not sure where the problem lies. The machine is all the way across town so I have limited time to diagnose the problem.
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    Bridgeport M head question

    Hey Folks, I have a friend with a bridgeport M head with a B&S#7 spindle. He is trying to bore out Volkswagen aluminum heads and the boring head is chattering. I am telling him that the spindle is way too small for that operation. What are your thoughts? I suggested selling the machine and...
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    Nardini 1440E VFD Conversion advice.

    ok thanks for the quick response
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    Nardini 1440E VFD Conversion advice.

    any interest in selling the original? I will send you a 5hp or 7.5hp three phase motor to replace it. I am looking to hook up the dual speed with the braking mechanism
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    Nardini 1440E VFD Conversion advice.

    Did you hook up a Vfd for the Nardini? I just bought the same machine and the previous owner replaced the motor and hooked it to a VFd. I am looking to get the original motor and run it on three phase. Do you still have the original motor?
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    Holdridge Manufacturing

    I have a Holdridge 8D that Im willing to sell if you still need one
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    Hardinge HLV-H HLVH Toolroom Lathe Taper Attachment

    I have an Hlvh taper attachment available Send me a PM if interested Thanks Rich
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    Suburban tool angle plates-LARGE $1300 for the pair

    I have this pair of angle plates Very nice condition Sorry if the pics are sideways Listed at Suburban Tool for $3k each They weigh 268pounds each Size is 24"x12"x18" $1300 for the pair plus shipping. I can strap to a pallet I have a forklift In Las Vegas Send me a pm if interested I can...
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    0t---25 buck rivett

    Looks like the only option would be to part it out. Looks like its too far gone for restoration. I called over there and the guy said its been sitting out there for two years. It was taken out of service because it just quick working. So there are other problems besides sitting out in the...
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    WTB: Hardinge Tooling

    I have a HLVH taper attachment. Missing the shoe with the stud that connects it to the cross slide but that can be fabricated. Send me a PM. I'm thinking around $700.
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    10ee Forward Contactor Coil

    Dc panel Send me a pm
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    10ee Forward Contactor Coil

    I have a spare DC panel from a 10ee. Has both contactors. PM me if interested.
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    Box end wrench for my Aloris CXA toolpost

    I use a deep offset box wrench. I get the correct size and cut it in half. Box wrenches come with two different size ends. Sometimes the offset is not deep enough to clear the wedge locking handle. I just heat the offset with a torch and unbend the offset a few degrees so it is angled up and out...
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    Rivett 1020S

    i sent you a PM
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    Closing after 33 years....

    With the language in the auction "there will be no exceptions everything must be out 8am-1pm on the 28th" There doesn't seem to be any leeway. I know my freight company usually never gets there when they say they will be there(YRC freight.) Sometimes they show up the next day. Another thing is...
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    Closing after 33 years....

    FYI I was thinking of bidding on the ACER mill so I called Lucco Machinery movers. Since I am out of state I would need the machine strapped to a pallet and loaded on my freight truck. I spoke to a guy over at Lucco to see if, after my purchase, Lucco could transport the machine to their shop...
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    10ee losing spindle speed

    PM sent on the MG parts
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    Parker/Eurotherm 514C/507 4Q SSD DC Retrofit into 1961 10EE Modular

    I saw the parker drive of BL230 here in Las Vegas and I was impressed. It was smooth and quiet and powerful and quick braking.