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    Prentiss 524

    You might try this forum also: https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/threads/the-vises-of-garage-journal.44782/page-2263#post-10311519 Huge body of knowledge on vises there. Tom B.
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    Fageol Bus

    SIP6A--perhaps I wasn't clear enough. Mack is of course still in business but ceased building custom chassis and body fire apparatus in 1990. They will still furnish a standard commercial cab/chassis to a fire apparatus builder but no longer build the entire vehicle. Tom B.
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    Fageol Bus

    From 1969 to 1972 I performed maintenance in M60 and M60A1 Army tanks. They were powered by Continental V-12 air cooled diesels--air cooled because a radiator, even though shielded, is not a good option on a battlefield. The vehicle used to retrieve broken down tanks in the field was the M80...
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    Factory change gear storage on a lathe

    Interesting and very decorative--not sure how the gears would fit on those protrusions. also, they're evenly spaced & gears of course differ in size. Tom B.
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    Missing V Way Wipers Pratt and Whitney Model B 12x30

    Some wise and thoughtful insights, Doozer. Thank you. Tom B.
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    My Lodge & Shipley 16" Model A freebie

    speleoflutist--I'm curious, would you care to divulge the origin of your name? Tom B.
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    Another Royersford 22" Drill

    Very creative crating job! If the V-belt sheaves are original that must be a relatively modern camelback. Beautiful results, cretedog. Tom B.
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    Bringing the Flather Home

    I've always enjoyed reading Billygoat's postings--thanks for reviving this one, M.B. Tom B.
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    OT: The History Of The Bobcat

    An interesting and thoroughly enjoyable video--a classic story of American ingenuity and success. Tom B.
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    Here is additional information on the closure: https://www.recyclingtoday.com/news/wear-parts-provider-columbia-steel-closing/ Columbia name and intellectual property apparently purchased by this company: https://www.cmscepcor.com/us/home/ Tom B.
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    Hendey Lathe #10068

    It's a Cullman drive unit which utilizes the machine's original jackshaft and cone pulley. I think they were pretty common--I have one on my early Burke #4 mill. Speed reduction occurs in the oil-filed casting with a gear set and chain drive. Speed changes were made using the original cone...
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    Starrett Wooden Machinist Toolbox

    Some helpful info here: https://sites.google.com/site/theguideforwoodmachinistchests/ I believe he is a member here. Tom B.
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    Unknown grinding wheel dresser ID

    Andy, I can't help with an ID but if you have no use for it I may be able to put it to use. Tom B.
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    Lathe identification please help

    Your location would be helpful.
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    Dalton B4 Lot 5 lathe followed me home

    Sounds like an interesting project, RCP, keep us posted. Tom B.
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    Anyone know more about this lathe/valve grinder?

    john.k--you're probably referring to the Garage Journal Forum. dalmataingirl61--if you ever have the opportunity, check out the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany, a wonderful and large collection of early machine tools. Tom B.
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    Lathe Identification ( New Zealand)

    Seneca Falls lathes including my 9" machine have considerable information including patent dates cast into the front of the lathe bed and should be fairly obvious. If that is absent my guess is that you have something else. Also, the S/F threading chart is in the same location as yours but is...
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    Anyone reckognize this lathe ? Make model?

    My guess on the first one is an Atlas. The second lathe has been modified with risers. Agree with Salem's comments. Tom B.
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    Miketig--you had asked upthread about how the lathe's swing is described. In the US, swing is expressed as the maximum diameter of the workpiece. Some lathe builders provided a bit more swing than officially stated. In the UK, swing is expressed by the radius of the workpiece. Tom B.
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    Identification help

    Probably your best source for information on old vises is the huge thread here on Garage Journal: https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/threads/the-vises-of-garage-journal.44782/ These guys are serious collectors of primarily USA-made vises and have a wealth of collective knowledge. Tom B.