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    Looking for 3" diameter indexable drill

    Z thrust is likely to be the problem.
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    Auto Body Sheet Metal Fabrication: Is Scroll Saw Cutting Practical?

    Sears Dunlop is sears lower quality tool. If it last thru the first piece, I don’t if while much longer. Bruce
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    OT: Radial Aircraft Engine Cutaway Pics

    If you want to know more about aircraft engines, visit the website "Historical Aircraft Engine Society". A fantastic amount of information Bruce
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    Pratt & Whitney 8" lathe (was Warner & Swasey old 8" purchase)

    Is it a WSC-8. If so, I may have some info. Bruce
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    Spindle liner extensions

    Did you check with the machine manufacturer. About 20 years ago we bought from Mazack a spindle extension that bolted on so we could use 4’ bars. I think the extension was about 10” long. Bruce
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    Please assist on 'dating' these presses....

    Many of these screw presses were used in jewelry manufacturing for coining and stamping. At one time, much of this business was located in Rhode Island. Bruce
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    Cutting a keyway on a lathe without live tooling

    You can buy carbide inserts specifically for that purpose. Bruce
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    3" holes in 2.5 thick A-36

    If you use a spade drill, make sure the mill have enough torque at the rpm required for the drill. Bruce
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    Apron lock use

    Facing, grooving, cutoff and turning a taper with the compound. Bruce
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    heat treating with a home made propane kiln

    Check out Forge & Burner design Ronreil.abana.org Bherzog
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    Tonage and Age of Four Post Press

    Check Vintage Machinery. They have a history and a catalog Bruce