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    5" 316 stainless steel round bar cut off time

    are you really that CHEEP that you wont pay a buck to have a pro cut it? really????? there's NO help for guys like you....learn the hard way
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    Enlarging a small deep hardened hole

    what machine will drive the drill ? slow RPM ...power feed ? If not slow you could grind a SQUARE on the tools shank and make it fit a socket extension bar and hand crank it through the hole... or..... nah...to dangerous
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    Enlarging a small deep hardened hole

    then read post #3 again
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    Enlarging a small deep hardened hole

    so you have ONE of them?.... how about STARTING OVER,,, this time don't harden it til its big enuf deep enuff
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    Best beginner machining center no programming experience

    Yes, I clicked the like it ... and that's from someone, me, who grew up with the N/C industry, {started in 1959} when we had minimal machines and controls...r and IF your part quantities are greater than ONE part at a time do not let a tool changer machine scare you, they arnt all that...
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    Deburring Keyways on Mill

    How about the vibratory finishing machine.. the one's with the stones in it?... don't have one? nether did I. made one from a 1 gal paint can... then get a shovel of gravel from the parking lot and rotate it slowly in the big old W&S turret lathe... put some holes in the can so the coolant has...
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    Deburring Keyways on Mill

    Do you or your customer really want a chamfer there? I don't think so... sooo..debur it... no chamfers
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    Moving to Germany as a machinist?

    Autodiattack What is your plan B ? It oughta be a Round trip airplane ticket and a suitcase of $$ Anyone with common sense would use it.....
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    Not getting paychecks on time.

    Those owners are NOT running a BIZ... they are running a hobby shop QUIT and move on....
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    Your opinion on this job posting

    I see we have one dumb as they come DREAMER amomgst us... maybe dumb is the wrong word, but they sure have NOT read anything about the race to the BOTTOM or hot dog carts.... THE ONLY $$ to be made from a machine shop is that which is divveed up after the owners funeral and auction of the...
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    2 short bars or 1 long one (big mill question)

    You gona make that part in 10 mins? I DONT THINK SO... no matter what machine you use... and welcome the real world of INTERNAL STRESS.... that part is full of it.... unless it's maybe a casting, but I think you said or hinted its "bar"...WHAT Kind etc etc oh and ONE 4 ft pc ...so there is NO...
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    OT An outsider's view of the Brexit vote

    For those of us that know nothing about what it is that goes on, what does the UK get as an advantage for being a "member" that not being a member forces them to do? where's the advantages or disadvantages?? how about a few examples??
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    OT- Have ink jet printers gotten any better at not clogging up after sitting unused ?

    DITTO.... That is why I trusted a friends opinion of hiz Canon and I bot a PIXMA MG2920 one week ago... so far so good.
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    Linear positional precision over 60 feet of movement

    Call the Veder Root Company o The guy you want to talk to is probably retired, but you want to talk to him about a product they made for Cincinnati Mill back in 1965. Cincy called it a SNAP SET That was a counter... counted revolutions and each rev was a set distance.. a mechanical display...
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    Lathe breaker main switch repair - contact material

    Do you value your LIFE ??? BUY a NEW one... and NOT just new to you.
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    Questions on thread measurement

    You've got the methods right... if your going to be repeating this often, get the thread mic... have a CERTIFIED INSPECTION LAB check the mic and cerrtify it... one more thing, to hold the wires on first clean the thread, then use a dab of Vasoline Petroleum Jelly (available at the Drug Store)...
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    Three inch long .250 hole in hrs help please

    If you cant GUN DRILL IT,,,, Look up JIG BORE REAMER and make sure ALL your TOOL HOLDERS ARE DEAD NUTS 0.0000 in the TIR dept.
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    Seeking advice planing a planer table

    If you look closely at a FINISHED planer table, you will see that it is done with a blunt straight tool, maybe a little Positive Rake and aprox 1.0 inches wide carbide , there may be a amall lead or chamfer stoned on the corners , But they are never noticed because the cross feed will be up...
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    Was $30.00 each too much to charge for this?

    All of you have heard well enough of the advantages of a CASH biz...HOT DOG CARTs....so here's something new... It took 2 guys maybe 20 mins to cut my grass the other day, one using a riding mower the other using a trimmer.... THIRTY BUCKS... and NO MEASURING... NO PAIN NO GAIN... CASH MONEY...
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    Since my heart attack... Looking for a lift table

    Ditto on the OVERHEAD hoist... THEY ALLOW you to CLEAN the bottom of the vice or dividing head before setting it on the machine...