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    Crawford Machine Tool Company lathe - looking for more info

    It looks remarkably similar to a Hendey lathe. Hendey Lathes Page 6
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    Holbrook C10 #10411

    I don't know if you are a member of the Holbrook group, but if not it's worth joining, there is a fair bit of Holbrook specific info on there. My brother did a write-up on timing the threading/feed gearbox for a C13, though the C10 box will be basically the same, I don't think it was a trivial...
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    Wildly Overpriced Big Cincinnati Shaper

    The colour looks right for it being one of Collectors machines, and looking at the dealers other listings there are other machines the same colour, including a Churchill way grinder.
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    Hiller Milling Machine history?

    It looks like it may be a small jig borer, which would help to explain the tight tolerances. You could try sending pictures to Tony, at Lathes UK. If Tony has never heard of the maker he might post it on his site, which would get it some more exposure.
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    Metal Shapers Book

    Alistair Hosie has had some health problems recently, but he has posted on the HSM site in the last few weeks. If John Rouche is the same as J Rouche, he posts regularly on HSM. John Odder can usually be found right here. Robert Bastow passed away a number of years ago.
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    Hendey Tool & Gage Restoration

    My Holbrook came with Zerks throughout, but they are all oiling points, so I would try to get hold of a lube chart before going ahead and using grease on your Hendey.
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    Powerturn lathe, 1968 Lodge & shipley

    That would be Finegrain, unfortunately he posted a while back that he had sold his horizontal mill and is no longer making gears. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/tooling-parts-and-accessories-for-sale-or-wanted/selling-off-my-involute-gear-cutter-collection-312124/
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    Pratt and Whitney gear cutting lathe

    Obviously smaller threaded fasteners would be made on screw machines, would a thread milling machine take it from there, or would it make more sense for a range in the middle to be cut by single pointing.
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    Pratt and Whitney gear cutting lathe

    Most likely a war baby then, do you have any idea what sort of numbers they were made in, I don't recall having seen one before.
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    Pratt and Whitney gear cutting lathe

    That makes more sense, I did wonder why it would be that long for cutting gears. Looking closer at the cutter mounted, it does look more like a thread profile. Would this date from the second world war, that would be an obvious time for it to have been shipped over.
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    Pratt and Whitney gear cutting lathe

    My brother sent me this link to what is described as a gear cutting lathe on UK eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pratt-And-Whitney-Gear-Cutting-Lathe/253550609572?_trkparms=aid%3D888007%26algo%3DDISC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D49138%26 Can this also be used as a lathe, or is it really just a gear...
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    Sebastian & May lathe, c1890, needs a new home

    I actually have one and a half lathe legs, that came with a non matching lathe. Why the missing half you ask, apparently the owner before the one I bought it from had the lathe encroaching on a staircase. They aren't that ornate, so if I wanted to I could fab some new bottoms to that leg, though...
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    Question about machining a chuck adapter for a Hendey 14x6 lathe

    I don't think anyone has mentioned it, but you can probably reuse the backplate on your existing chuck. You would need to make an adaptor to go between the backplate and a different chuck, but for now it would put off having to make a fairly challenging part for someone with limited experience.
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    Rare Holbrook H20 Lathe

    My brother has a C13 with pumped spindle oil, I'm pretty sure that's also 1500 RPM, though it may well be tat the AERE were running them at 2000 RPM. I have an older C13 that has drip feed oilers, it's running on 60 HZ, so the highest speed is now 1800 RPM. I have run it at that speed and it...
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    Rare Holbrook H20 Lathe

    My B13 has an AERE plaque from 1953. My brother picked it up for me, the seller has been in management there and said they had rows of Holbrooks. The C13 actually came out just before the war, and apparently were fitted in British destroyers during the war. I have a reprint of a C series...
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    Wood lathe runout

    It might be worth looking into industrial hard chrome plating on the thread and shoulder area, it depends on how much run-out you are dealing with. I doubt it would be cheap, and any subsequent material removal would probably have to be ground off. I suspect it would be more cost effective to...
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    How to open keyless drill chuck?

    There are 6 holes in the back of the chuck that are perhaps worth investigating, possibly for a peg spanner. Those in conjunction with the hole in the side of the body. It does look rather like the type of chuck fitted to egg beater type drills, so Stephens suggestion of just whacking it down on...
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    problem with hook and loop sanding attachment for multi-tool

    After peeling a piece of paper off a new backing pad and it left the loops behind, I decided it was time to experiment. I sliced the hook layer off a worn out backing pad and stuck on some PSA paper, as long as the backer is clean the paper will stay in place much better than the hook and loop...
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    problem with hook and loop sanding attachment for multi-tool

    I have one of the cheap clones and it suffers from the same issue with the hook and loop, but the backing pads are cheap enough to count as expendable. I would also prefer stick on paper, so I might try removing the h and l from a worn out backer and use it with the 2.5" psa paper on a roll.
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    shaper knife design

    Make a cutter profile that is more like a W than a T and run the stock at 45* to what you are now running. Of course being round stock that is only an abstract.