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    OT: Bit of Humor

    I've seen a lot of outrageous posts. But this one made me laugh. I just had to share. Best Regards, Bob
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    OT: Bit of Humor

    This post is real. Captured from a popular auction site today. Best Regards, Bob
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    Moving Sheldon, Proper Oil for bearings, Replacement Belts

    Hello TBoisier, I like the Gates V80 belts because they are manufactured to tighter length specs than competitors. The spindle pulley is designed to use 2 matched belts on my Sheldon EXL. I assume yours will as well. Mine are B Section belts. However, I do not know the belt lengths that you...
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    My customer just released a video showing off the robot hand I've been sweating over

    Fascinating! I was really impressed when I viewed the second video. With the glove the articulation seemed biological, perhaps natural, almost creepy. It was very cool to watch. Good for you. What was that engineering company again? Are they publicly traded? Best Regards, Bob
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    Turning square shafts

    Ok, back to the thread: When turning square stock, I have often been successful by wacking off the corners in one pass (tip of the cutter beyond the flats in the stock). Slow the speeds and feeds down to a crawl and rip off the corners using a zero to slightly positive rake tool. with 0 to 10...
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    removing rust with citric acid

    I too use white vinegar (acetic acid). No dilution, right from the bottle. Now I haven't used it on polished surfaces so I can't say if it's safe for that. However, I had a situation once where I inadvertently put a gel pack (desiccant) into my gage drawer. It flash rusted every thing that...
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    OT: Kohler Command Pro 27 won't start

    I had a problem a few years ago with my Kohler Command 20HP V-Twin. Idle was revving. Replaced the carb with a new one from Amazon. I think it was $30 or so. Problem solved. Then last year it wouldn't start. On further inspection, I found that the gas lines to and from the fuel pump were dry...
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    My horrible spelling and grammar. Any other young guys?

    Good catch on the spam link Ed! I wish more folks would take the time to change the spam-links like you did so they don't get reposted. Or just remove them altogether. Best Regards, Bob
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    Letter Drill bits---Lots of letter drill bits---FOR SALE

    Yan Wo, Your inbox is full. Sent you an email. Just send the extras. Thanks a bunch. Best Regards, Bob
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    Letter Drill bits---Lots of letter drill bits---FOR SALE

    Yan Wo, I'm interested in one complete set of letters (as available). Sending PM. Best Regards, Bob
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    Help me spend $75k for my dream machine shop...

    First you should buy one of these: Convert A Mill 860C — Wells-Index Milling Machines Then you need one of these: Brand New Standard Modern Sliding Gap Bed Sterling Machinery You also need one of these: Buy SGS-1640AHD Automatic Feed Grinders - Kent Industrial USA Some of my wish list. Oh if...
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    N.O.S. Carbide Inserts To Sell - But HOW....?

    Interested in 32.51s or 321s TCGX, TCMT, TPMB, TCMW or similar. Thanks. Best Regards, Bob
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    How do you light your workshop? ... Who's using LED's

    In my 24 x 40 shop I bought 16 of these, a box of 4" drywall screws, and a 250' roll of 16ga zip cord from Home Depot. Each one hangs on a single drywall screw. Drive the screw into the truss, then the head goes into the split on the hook and rests in the curve. Easily installed and removed...
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    Sheldon Hex Turret

    Good for you! That is a beautiful looking turret. I own an EXL, so I have to admit to a bit of envy. Is it for a 10" or 11"-12" bed? Best Regards, Bob
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    Sheldon Hex Turret

    Most likely, those nuts are connected to drifts. Unscrew the nuts to near the top of the threads and gently tap them down. You should feel them disengage. This should release the internal clamps. Hope this helps. Best Regards, Bob
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    Want some advice

    First Advice is here: Topic titles need to inform what your topic is actually about In B4 the Lock Best Regards, Bob
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    O/T problems

    Now that's the first time I've heard that on this forum. :) Best Regards, Bob
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    Wanted: 5C Spin indexer or Harig Grind All

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    Brazing O1 tool steel

    +1 on Carbide Bob's response. Also to add to my previous response that while it is possible, it would be reserved to an expert at silver brazing. If possible, a mechanical solution would be best. Best Regards, Bob