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    OT Stand by Generator, what do you have?

    1968 Onan diesel 45kw. Bought it when the local hospital did an upgrade. Only has 900 hrs on it. Fomoco diesel. Use it for emergency power to the shop and house.
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    Miltronics Servo Mystery, help wanted

    Same thing happened to me on my ML-17 lathe. Ballscrew reground etc..... Finally I was able to talk with one of the "old" guys and he told me to take the servo motor out and remove the endcap/encoder etc... and using compressed air, blow out the carbon residue from the brushes that has...
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    Joining the brother gang

    We started 3 years ago with the first Brother and currently have 2-S700X2’s and 1-R650. For 20 plus years we were a 40 taper shop and EVERY part we have moved to the Brothers had drastically reduced the cycle time And half of the power consumption. Only have 1 40 taper machine left And will...
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    Speedio Alarm - Control Power Shortage

    Spent close to a year doing these methods to try to get the PP to keep up with the Brother to no avail. The spindle accel/decel parameters in the Brother are not accessible even by Yamazen. You will have to manually add lines to the program with spindle speed commands. We finally went with a rotary.
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    1-Phase 120VAC motion control

    Clearpath Servo’s by Technik are good and cost effective
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    Speedio Alarm - Control Power Shortage

    We also have an R650 on a PT030 that doesn’t give any trouble. One thing you might can try is to put the PT010 in “elevator” mode which is more constant on power. We tried it but the PT010 could not keep up. After we switched to a rotary, we had conversations with Phase Technologies and they...
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    Speedio Alarm - Control Power Shortage

    We used a PT010 for about 6 months on our S700 but had many power alarms. Ended up just installing a 20hp RPC and problem went away.
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    OT - Is there any place to have a radiator made?

    Griffin Thermal Products 750 Estes Drive Piedmont, SC 29673
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    ISO Axelson 25A Parts!

    There used to be a company in Texas that specialized in Axelson Lathes Lawrence Machine Service Hope this helps
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    7.5hp Phase Perfect for Speedio?

    Toolchanging The factory "Chip-to-Chip" toolchange spec. is 1.3 seconds. That spec is exact as far as we can measure. That being said, the 9.5 KVA rating goes out the window when you go from 16K rpm to zero, change tools and back up to 16K rpm (worst case)in that time span. I'm not sure what...
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    7.5hp Phase Perfect for Speedio?

    I was in contact with the service department at length and was not offered this option. Maybe because we were getting overvoltage and undervoltage alarms at the machine.
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    7.5hp Phase Perfect for Speedio?

    Happy to report back that 20HP rotary has been running the Brother with multiple toolchanges for 14 hours a day for a week without issue!
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    7.5hp Phase Perfect for Speedio?

    Yes, We set to Elevator Mode and still had the same problem. We have another PT330 that runs a Brother R650 that doesn't have any problems. I think it is a combination of the new generation Brother machine along with a new generation Phaseperfect that just cant keep up with the spikes. The new...
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    7.5hp Phase Perfect for Speedio?

    Back in May of 2021, we installed a Brother Speedio and also installed a PT010 to run it (10hp Phaseperfect) The PT010 WILL run the machine but will have issues at random during the tool change operation. When stopping the spindle, changing tools & starting the spindle back up, the PT010 will...
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    Plate rolling gurus: Help! CNC programming, repeatability and consistency

    Not CNC, but we would always "pre-brake" each end with the press brake about a foot into the sheet and then just insert in plate rolls, square up, & raise bending roll to radius formed by the press brake. Usually would result in a 1 pass rolling operation.
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    2015. Milltronics vm2016 + 4th axis for sale

    Sold to https://theequipmenthub.com/ They should have it in Atlanta in the next couple of weeks
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    2015. Milltronics vm2016 + 4th axis for sale

    Didn’t mean to yell�� These eyes are old!
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    2015. Milltronics vm2016 + 4th axis for sale

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    Brother Speedio s700x2 16k RPM with or without Big Plus?

    We have two of the 16K non dual contact spindles in the shop. One is on an R650 and the other is on a new S700X2. We mainly cut brass and aluminum and have not had any issues. Like Wheelie said Gage length is everything in a Brother. Most of our parts are low profile (1" and less) but there are...