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    Haas VF-2SS problem running on Phase Perfect Converter

    Hey Andrei, I have a 2017 Haas VF2 setup in my garage on a 200A Service using a PT-020. I have experienced the same issue where my transformer has an electrical buzz or humming sound and its quite concerning. All my parameters as far as income voltage, tap settings, AC/DC was nominal. For me...
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    Fitting a VF-2 in a Garage

    Yes I got a 2017 VF2 through an 82/83” opening. IMO The minimum height is the top of the casting the z axis motor lives on to the bottom of the casting. (where leveling pucks screw in and out) I recall you need 112" or so for full z axis height travel. To begin, you take the shroud off, coil...
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    Brand new vf2ss with Phase perfect pt 355 low voltage issues

    Interesting thought there, "In summer, my taps are usually get set lower than in the winter" I am running a HAAS VF2 on the new version of the PT355. I have the perfect phase PT020 on a 220 single phase service in my garage. Early on during the summer I was blowing my F1 fuse (250V 250Ma) and...
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    Brand new vf2ss with Phase perfect pt 355 low voltage issues

    I’m having similar issues. I have a new PT020 from Perfect Phase and I run a 2017 Haas VF2. I have a 200 amp service. The display on the phase converter shows that during a stepped ramp up where I go 2500s to 5000s to 7000s with 1 second gaps, my machine can make the jumps and the 7k spindle...