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    Late model Hyundai 70D-7e diesel forklift goes from starting perfectly to not at all

    I agree with Doug about the fuel solenoid being burned out or just bad electrical connection. Quick test light to solenoid to Check for power.
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    Steel tubing type for tractor tie rod

    I have replaced a few just using of the shelf dom tubing. something has to give in a bind and tie rods are cheaper than spindles.
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    Looking for crane, trolley, I-beam, rigging help/advice

    yep I ain't dead yet. The ends are nothing more than Horrible freight trolley wheels and some angle iron. A little machining for the axle shafts. I made the angle iron just long enough to control the beam from binding up when pulling from one end.
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    Backyard mechanic taps

    So you totally shot down a friend who came to you with what he thought was a good idea. Maybe a little explanation instead of being "insulted" would have helped him a little more. Don't be surprised if he doesn't come back to you for advice or help in the future. Way to treat a "friend"
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    Forklift won't Start

    sheared key on distributer? Check to make sure timing is on spec. I have ran across this before. Maybe???
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    Another gantry crane build post

    If you decide to build your own and have employees you will need a stamped set of plans. We had engineers on the job but still had to have a P.E. sign off on the plans.
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    Hoping this subforum keeps getting better and better .. Hello from new moderator

    There sure is a lot of manufacturing discussion going on here..
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    1st grade math question

    Just glanced at this and said to myself "well that's simple". After reading all the following posts now I am not so sure.
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    Welder for a newbie?

    Turn off the gas and now you have a gasless mig. I run both wire through mine. Once you learn a little you will be glad you bought a gas type mig. You can't go the other way.
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    PRENTISS VICE - did I dump it too cheap?

    So you sold a vice for the amount you asked and now you want to get more? :icon_bs:
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    OT: Flickr is deleting user photos

    Looks to be following photo bucket business plan. Wait until every one loads up then charge more.
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    OT When I hit "NEW POSTS" this comes up

    Interesting. My post just disappeared. I had to go to activity stream to find it
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    OT When I hit "NEW POSTS" this comes up

    I have been getting the same thing but not all the time. I thought it was related to me rebooting my computer. P.S. Hey Ray I used my bandsaw clamp yesterday and it always makes me think of you. :D
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    Head gasket leak that doesn't cause the coolant system to overflow in Powerstroke

    You might look into the injector cups as this is a common place to loose coolant. I replaced mine at 285 k miles when I did the injectors. Two of them were showing signs of leaking.
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    Can a Chop Saw Be Used As A Cold Saw?

    watch out for the little slivers of material. Not only are they hot they also can get into the motor and make many sparks and smoke! I found this out the hard but very exciting way.:D
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    OT: Sear and K-mart liquidating

    Ipads are a little harder to wipe with !
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    Freeze Plug Repair?

    valve lifter and adjustment cover. Remove and weld or goober it up again. Cork gasket will work best. Good time to check valve adjustment as they sometimes get tight and will float a valve. There may have been a vent tube there if the hole looks round and fabricated. If it has been working fine...
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    AtlasCraftsman 109.20630 Motor Pulley Size

    Was it brand new when reconditioned? If not I don't see it happening.
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    New build, english wheel

    I have had a few dips like that on my road through life. Well maybe more than a few.