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    Collecting deposit for work not done

    Police dont get involved in financial matters. Sadly, it sounds like you have to just bite the bullet and call it a loss. I know it sucks, but anything you do is going to cost you more $ and more time. I hope you dont have a lot of $ put into this, and I hope they get back in touch and make...
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    16 tpi straight form knurl 303ss

    I use these types of knurl holders. Screw Machines, straight from the turret. I have put diamond knurls on about 3000-3500 parts on 1/4" 303, before the knurls started to get tapered and needed to be flipped around. HSS knurls for me, maybe Cobalt but I think the cobalt ones can crack easier so...
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    Vendors and pricing on6AL4V Ti?

    East coast has https://www.presidenttitanium.com/stock Also I see TMS https://tmstitanium.com/ all the time in the automotive world. I believe Titan uses them. https://www.rolledalloys.com/products/titanium-cobalt/6al-4v/ Another in New England
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    Florida tangible personal property

    Your thinking about this too much. get off the internet and go run the business.
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    Florida tangible personal property

    I remember when I was a kid that my dad told me the town sent a guy down to "assess" the value of our equipment for excise taxes. He quickly realized there is nothing of value and it cost them more moeny to come down here than they would get from us. Havent seen them since, its been over 30...
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    Another Drawing Discrepancy thread....

    I get prints with every P.O. When setting the job up, I would notice the different dimensions on the print and then reach out to the customer to find out why. I wouldnt make any parts that werent made to the print that came in with the P.O. I guess others operate differently, mistakes happen...
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    Florida tangible personal property

    I was thinking about this a little and I am sure every state has their own terminology and definitions. Its all a money grab one way or another. Damn gov't getting in the way.
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    Florida tangible personal property

    Is it your personall property or is it the business's property? Tagible Personal Property, indicates it not business related.
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    Another Drawing Discrepancy thread....

    That does suck, but its up to you to make the part that is on the print they gave you for the job. Mistakes happen and can get costly. Everytime I make a mistake that cost me $ I say to myself "thats the price of tuition". I have spent way less than people who go to college, and probably know...
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    Gifts to send to long time customers and vendors. What have you done?

    My dad helped someone years ago tool up to make flashlights, mini mag lights were popular at the time. This was before LED's and mini keychain lights, etc. I am thinking of making some smaller flashlights with higher end lighting materials. I could have them laser marked to personalize them...
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    OT: Anybody drive a Toyota Tundra? How's reliability been for you?

    My friends have a lot of Tacomas but a few of them had Tundras. Most of the Tundra owners realized it was too much truck for them, as they just did home depot runs in it once a month or so. I told them HD will rent you their truck for 19 bucks. They were paying over $500/month for the truck to...
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    Best Tap Brand debate.

    I agree with all of the above ^^^
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    Nylon part RFQ needed. Part is .500" x .250" x 1.25" (rectangle)

    Thanks to all who took a look at this for me. Some werent the right fit, but a few were. We issued a P.O. already so this RFQ is now closed. I am sure there will be more in the future.
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    MORI SEIKI MV-JUNIOR (Auction find)

    I came across some more Brownies and its neat to see what else these older shops had for other machinery. Stuff that I dont have or even know about. I saw a "Cam Grinder" (Brand Name) in a Canadian screw machine shop that was neat recently. Chip spinners are in all the screw machine shops and...
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    MORI SEIKI MV-JUNIOR (Auction find)

    I am browsing over the auctions and saw this come up. I remember talking about these in my haas mini mill thread. I bet this one goes for very little if anyone wants to check it out. Its in the middle of the country too. I have no room for it or need right now, so dont reccomend it to me...
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    Help with best 2-56 tap on copper 101 going down .600. Thousands of holes!!!

    Emuge has their US base of operations near me. They have a full shop and can custom make anything to order. Give them a call and they can set you up with what you need. Very high quality for sure. I think they might do coatings in house as well. Drills generally like neg rake in copper due to...
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    Banned on Youtube wannabe machining channels. TOR tip.

    I use adblock, never see commercials or ads. I forgot they even had them.
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    Blanket Orders

    I do the same and consider it an insurance policy. Knowing the material is on the shelf and can be used at a moments notice is worth paying me to store it. I know the supply has been somewhat stabilized recently, but spikes and shortages will be more common in the future. This is why I like to...
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    Nylon part RFQ needed. Part is .500" x .250" x 1.25" (rectangle)

    I have a nylon part that one of my customers is struggling to find a home for. They asked me to keep asking around. One of my swiss shops with 20mm citizens said he doesnt have enough live tools. The other swiss shop has 32mm citizens and a fixed headstock machine. I dont know which one they...
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    Thread Roller Help

    Gotta go quicker than 2 min for sure. Maybe put a stop in there to prevent it from moving forward?