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    tool bit grinding wheel

    Norton has always been my personal flavor. they aren't cheap compared to off brands, but I have found over the years that the durability and easy cutting characteristics easily make up for the expense. I have only ever used one face wheel completely up and had to replace it, so it was years between.
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    Forming a radius on a diamond grinding wheel

    The tool I always have used is called a brake truing device. It has centrifugal brakes inside the drum opposite the wheel. The wheels are usually around an 80 grit(dark bluish grey). I have put radii on diamond wheels for jobs before, but they were usually smaller(6-8") and putting the radius on...
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    Best used precision surface grinders that are rebuildable/repairable?

    Used machines are just like used cars, really good models can be trashed and cheap ones could have been cared for like a newborn... Good luck. Fortunately the older ones have parts that are usually pretty simple to make in house
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    Best used precision surface grinders that are rebuildable/repairable?

    Aren't those run with ball screws instead of hydraulically reciprocated?
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    G&L No.30 Surface Grinder

    http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/detail.aspx?id=347&tab=3 You never know, on this website you may find some info you are looking for. I see some manuals and maybe some other info as well....
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    Surface Grinder Ripples

    Creamy hand cleaner is awesome too(GoJo), and you can clean your surface plates with it as well. I use my hands and wipe them down, buff with a couple of clean cloths and they are so smooth...
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    Surface Grinder Ripples

    Most people don't understand that the complexities of grinding are a numerous as any other machining operation So, by the pic I see how the material has burned, surface grinding should be done with LOTS of coolant. Long thin plates have the tendency to heat up really quick and they get "sucked...