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    Pc Fusion 640(M?) Dead hdd...

    Hi! When i started at my current job about one year ago they/we had just bought a new smaller mill to replace the vtc200 which was acting funny the few times it started at all. The machine was untouched for over 6 months and then i thought i would have a look at it. It seems to be a common...
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    Odd threaded spindlenose?

    Well i got this old lathe a few months ago but i just got it home. I have not been able to determine what make or model it is. I need a chuck backplate for this machine but people in a swedish forum have not replied so i am putting it here to. Unfortunatley my new mitutoyu caliper won`t show...
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    Need help to identify my lathe

    The lathe is still at the shop but i have sent an email to the guy running lathes.co.uk. It would be nice to know what make and model it is.
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    Need help to identify my lathe

    Hi! Just bought this lathe but i have no idea what i bought :scratchchin:. Does anyone have a clue? Old lathe - Album on Imgur Best regards //Klyrre