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    What is you shop's overhead increase in the last year?

    He will likely find someone cheaper. I've definitely seen an increase in the "race to the bottom" as of late. I cant criticize the guys who have machines in their garage because I started that way around the same time you did. However, there are some who will do it just to see the spindle turn...
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    Business Strategy/Entrepreneurship thread for metal shops

    Kalispel I have thought many times about using the business strategy of acquiring small companies just for their product line. I was curious, if you dont mind answering, how do you find and research small companies that fit your requirements for acquisition?
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    Prototype Shop

    Now you've peaked my curiosity!!!! I have to ask about the R&D that goes into freaky sex toys. Talk about a strange niche
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    Kaeser Compressor lemon - Which brand to buy next?

    I've had good luck with Kaeser? This surprises me. We do industrial maintenance and repair services as well as machining. I have spec'd out and helped purchase 3 of them for other plants so far and haven't had any problems. As far as support and standing behind a product I've found that who...
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    Wire EDM machine recommendations

    Greetings all, I know this subject has been talked about to death in this particular forum and I've searched and read many of the threads, However, I haven't really gotten the answers I'm looking for so here it goes. For starters, please be gentle, I'm pretty much an idiot when it...
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    what am i worth?

    Just curious but what at your shop is so bad that you would even entertain a $10 pay cut?
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    B&A Precision

    Ive been a member on this forum for a while. I still remember when you first started this thread. Anyway, its probably one of if not the most popular threads in this forums history. Im just wondering Wheelie, have you ever considered writing or publishing a book about your experiences? I bet...
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    Okuma LB15 position help

    I have an older Okuma LB15 that Im just bringing online and learning to program. Im having trouble with the G00 command. No matter what value I input for the G0 the machine will only go to the zero set position (x0 z0). The machine was originally set up for a bar feeder so im wondering if this...
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    RFQ. Sheetmetal parts

    Looking for quotes for the attached part. Cut quality must be good so looking for laser or high def plasma. The part is 2 1/2"x 3" and 8" long. Material will be 12ga cold roll steel. Quote without holes/slot as those will be drilled afterwards at our shop to ensure proper fit/alignment...
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    Phase Perfect PT380 30hp Digital phase converter for sale

    It doesn't come with warranty. I have had hit and miss luck with PP service. I live only about two hours from Rapid City SD where they're made. I've had great support and not so great support from them. Strangely enough Ive had great service support but not very good sales service. Usually...
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    Phase Perfect PT380 30hp Digital phase converter for sale

    Hey guys, I don't post here much but I just moved to new shop with 3 phase so I'm selling my Phase Perfect PT380. I bought it new from the factory. Its less than two years old. Asking $6000 but open to reasonable offers. Email is best. send to [email protected]
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    Home Machine Shop Start up Help

    I believe you'll at least need insurance, Im in Nebraska and it runs me about $180 per month. Then jut set up a DBA, if you're not going to hire employees you shouldn't need an EIN# you will need a sales tax # however. As far as payment, if your full time co. is a larger type org. then just get...
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    Getting Blood In Machine Coolant

    I teach the annual required blood borne pathogens class at our plant. (Fortune 100 company one of hundreds of plants) I also serve o their emergency response team as well as the local volunteer fire dept. and carry current National Registry certifications as an EMT and CPR Instructor. I...
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    B&A Precision

    Does he have area's where he really excels? If so are they something you can "extort" to your advantage? When I was in high school I worked at the local gas station,mechanic/tire shop. You know the type, VERY small town does a little of everything we were even still full service at that time...
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    How do I fix or replace this integral spindle/bearing/waterpump type saw arbor?

    it an assembly and it doesn't come apart. They're actually called "water pump bearings". Motion Ind. carries them and if you can find a number on it they can be ordered/cross referenced.
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    Just asking

    Rotor assy out of a vane type hydraulic pump?? If so the rotor is usually mild steel and the vanes are phenolic. Yes they can be made but usually much cheaper to buy.
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    Bernard Q guns

    If you're looking for heavy duty, you should have a look at Tweco. They are a little bulky but pretty durable
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    Tap recommendation for 4140

    I need a recommendation for a 10-24 tap in 4140 steel non PH. It will be used in with rigid tappping in 1999 Hurco BMC. I will have about 60 holes to do and they will be blind and approximately .5" deep. This is a single part so I'm mnot real worried about optimum speed I just don't want to...
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    Need LB15 leveling fixture/help

    I am trying to re-level up my 1997 LB15II big bore and I don't have (never have had) a leveling fixture for it. Does anyone have one I could borrow/rent/buy whatever. Is there a really good way to do it on this model without one? I don't see any real good flat places on the machine.