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    Looking to upgrade my Autocad, need advice.

    I have Autocad LT 2023 on my desktop, it's pretty much the same as the old versions, but with the newer ribbon menus and a few other changes cosmetic changes. WIth customazation you can set it up to fiction very similar to the old versions. I use Solidworks for 3D stuff, and my Auotcad when I...
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    Why do people dislike BobCad

    as SeymourDumore said if you use the pre graphic interface versions (I belive 22 and down) you could click on lines and the code to move there would get added tot he program, super fast and easy for 2D mill / lathe programs (Using a canned cycles). The newer versions with the new interface is...
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    Bobcad Dongle

    I have not used Bobcad in a while, but I think even with a dongle when they had them you had to call to register/activate the software. They are on V35 now, so I doubt they would activate a copy of the software that old if you don't have the original purchase agreement for it.
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    Mastercam 2018 Part to sheet metal pattern

    If you have a sheet metal part in solidworks create a new drawing (File - New - Pick Dwg Template), then insert a drawing view (insert - Drawing View - Model - Pick your model under part/assembly to insert box - hit next arrow button and select flat pattern under more views and then place it in...
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    Is UHMW a good choice for this part?

    We run a bunch of of plastics on our router, mainly acrylic and delrin. We use the single flute high helix polished carbide bits from Onsrud (65-000 series) or Amana tools, they call them spiral Q-Flute's, they are great for cutting plastics. They can go into regular collets and can be used on...
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    Waterjet pricing vs Laser pricing

    It depends on what you are planning on cutting. Typically a waterjet is cheaper to purchase upfront, but the maintance and consumables will be more expensive. The laser is faster on thinner materials, where the waterjet will cut thicker material better. With the laser you might need assist...
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    What CAM systems incorporate Chip Thinning into their feedrate calculations?

    I thought that was the entire point of dynamic tool paths, that they keep the load on the tool that same throughout the cut (Or as close as possible) by taking small circular cuts.
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    It's time for another Mastercam rant

    I am lucky, I never had to use a version older than 2017. It does take some time to find things, but once you know where something is it becomes second nature. I also created my won toolbar on the ribbon to add things I don't use often but have a hard time finding, which helps a lot.
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    Is SW CAM / CAMWorks as clunky and useless as it looks?

    All of the CAM packages I have used took some time to learn to be proficient in, a 30 day demo will get you a feel for it, but you won't be fast. Likewise, having a good post is very important as well, which you won't have in a demo period. At my current job I am using Mastercam, but I don't...
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    Straight Shank Drill Chucks

    I am trying to find some drill checks that I can mount into our router. Our spindle has a ISO30 taper (DIN 69871-1 spec), we use ER32 collets, so we can use up to a 3/4" shank in them. Anyone know if there is anyplace around that sells them?