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    What CAM systems incorporate Chip Thinning into their feedrate calculations?

    Esprit does chip thinning in profitmilling toolpaths. https://www.espritcam.com/article/what-is-esprit-profitmilling
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    Spindle stopping on RPM change VF4

    Thanks! I got it working today by putting it in high gear (M42) and then disabling the gear box. Maybe I don't have to disable the gear box if I put the M42 on the M03 line. I'll try tomorrow.
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    Spindle stopping on RPM change VF4

    Anybody know how to change the spindle RPM without the spindle stopping on like a 12 year old VF4? Trying to change speeds during drilling. Was gonna try disabling the gearbox tomorrow and see if that works. Thanks.