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    ROBOFORM 35 problem FDD

    the problem is solved.
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    ROBOFORM 35 problem FDD

    Day is kind, the mathematics flew to Roboform35. At initialization we insert a diskette A begins the first file is loaded reaches 100% and the system hangs. At repeated initialization gives the message "the disk is absent". Changed FDD, diskettes - without result. CNC sees FDD, addresses it...
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    WAY OT, merge sign, improvement?

    I apologize that got into this subject, but I can't send to you KilB on mail the message.You promised archives of diskettes for ROBOFIL 290. My [email protected] mail
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    Robofil 190 ERROR E903

    The problem is solved, the bad contact in a board of I \O PILOT, an error of E903 disappeared, the generator started working. I tried to do autodiagnostics, it is made not in full, stops on diagnostics of UPA16 RUPA. Gives D008 error message. Though the machine began to work. On operation to...
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    Robofil 190 ERROR E903

    After installation of a new hard drive and initialization of the machine in case of switching on of the generator the system gives the message of E903. Prompt in what there can be a business.
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    robofil 290 errors and disk reload.

    Many thanks, I will look forward to hearing from you.