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    Cost of ownership

    We are considerting our first CNC Vertical Mill. Mazak or HAAS. How reliable is the Mazak? Does your Mazak need service often and is it costly? How long do you typically have to wait for service? Any other comments welcomed. Cheers, Nick
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    Anyone made any homemade wire EDM vises?

    Vise I'm new to wire edm. We have a Agie 250SF with 1 system 3r Rail. I am looking for an inexpensive starter vise and maybe some other clamping fixtures. Ultimatly a leveling device would be great. If you have something please let me know. Drawings for vices and fixtures would be great...
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    help with hard drive

    Hello all, I have been trying to get a Agie 250SF up and running for well over a year. A couple of weeks ago the hard drive failed. Agie offered a board that doesn't need a hard drive for over $5,000. I don't have it. Having a bit of IT experience I removed the hard drive and tested it with...