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    RFQ for simple bracket

    email sent. Rosy Trovato
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    Looking for AISI 8620 round bars

    20NiCrMo2 the equivalent in Europe and Italy is 20NiCrMo2
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    Looking for AISI 8620 round bars

    I am looking for AISI 8620 round bars having a diameter of 95 mm and 105mm. Does anybody knows where can I find those preferably in Europe? Rosy
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    Anyone Looking for a Salesman with a Proven Sales Record???

    Hi Sherry I sent you an e-mail. did you receive it? Rosy Trovato Meccanotecnica Riesi s.r.l. Italy
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    Need aluminum rings.

    what kind of aluminum?
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    Small delrin parts

    PM sent. Bye, Rosy
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    RFQ Small Peek Parts

    practicalmachinist dear collegues, I was wondering if I am in the right forum: practicalmachinist is for machinist all over the world or just for US machinist? Thanks and regards, Rosy :confused:
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    RFQ Small Peek Parts

    Hi, I would like to have more details about this job! Thanks, Rosy
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    RFQ Small Peek Parts

    PM sent. Rosy
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    Hi ATSCNC I am happy you trust RFQ Connection and it is nice to hear about nice experience with reps. I am very very happy hearing that sometime it's possible to hire honest people!!! I work in mktg dept of my family firm and I have to tell you that I only had bad experiences when I hired...
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    Partnership with an Italian manufacturer?

    Hi, I am pleased to invite manufacturing people in the Chicago area to come to the Financial Times Manufacturing for the future conference to be held in Ritz Carlton Chicago on june 3rd. I will be there as speaker in the session "Partnership for success/innovation". You will have the opportunity...
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    Need another quote

    PM sent. Rosy
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    Quote needed on small diameter stainless spacers 200 total

    Hi, I will try to provide you with a quotation within the requested terms. In the meantime can you please explain what does "shipping to 35406" mean? Thanks. Rosy Trovato MECCANOTECNICA RIESI SRL