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    Which U.S. states/cities have a strong manufacturing job market?

    Ditto on Dallas and Houston. I do the hiring for my company (Shermco > Home) and we have more jobs than we can hire enough qualified people for. Currently looking for 4 Manual/Conventional Machinists, a Machinist Supervisor and many others.
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    Undercutting commutator on DC motor

    We need to undercut a commutator on a 500HP DC motor. Can anyone tell me how true the commutator has to run with the bearing journals? Now true does the housing have to run with the rabbit fits?
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    Manual Machinist - Dallas, TX - large industrial Electric Motors

    MANUAL/CONVENTIONAL MACHINIST Submit resume and complete an application at: Shermco > Careers Join our team of leaders in electrical power system maintenance, repair, testing & training. Due to continued growth, we are seeking an experienced Manual Machinist to work in our Irving, Texas...
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    PM Spammer

    Yep, that was from me. We are looking for experienced technicians with experience on Electric Motors & Generators, High-Voltage T&D, Relays, etc. Check out our career page at Shermco's listing of careers in Wind Generator, Circuit Breaker and Electric Motor Repair, Motor Rewind, Electrical...
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    Manual Motor Shop Machinists Needed

    We have 5 job openings for Machinists in our Motor Shop in Dallas, Texas. Shermco has been recognized 5 times as a Best Place to Work and has one of the largest and safest Motor Shops in the Southwest. JOB DESCRIPTION: •Operate conventional, manual lathes (vertical & horizontal), mills and...