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    Sheldon Steady Rest For 13" Series M

    Thanks, didn't know about that group.
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    Sheldon Steady Rest For 13" Series M

    This is a steady for a Sheldon series "M" 13" lathe. It may fit other Sheldon models, but I don't know for sure. It measures 5" from center of V to center of flat. 6 1/4" from flat to break line(also center). The upper casting is marked XK-576 and the lower casting is marked M 575. $300 shipped...
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    Durapulse VFDs, How Good?

    I have a 10 horsepower 230 volt 3 phase motor (air compressor) which I need to run off of single phase 230 volt. It has been running very happily for about 14 years on a Motortronics VFD which was rated at 20 horsepower, sadly that drive has just given up the ghost. I looked at automation...
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    Replacement For Hurco Autobend 5c CNC Back Gauge?

    We currently have a Hurco autobend 5c back gauge on one of our hydraulic press brakes. This is quite an old unit, and it's been having a couple of issues. Recently, some damage was caused to the main board. Specifically, a PAL chip was damaged. As this is a programmable chip, it is not really...
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    Famco 51 Drive Pin, Make Or Buy Where?

    I'm dealing with a Famco 51 OBI punch press. The part I need to buy or make is the drive pin, by which I mean the pin which engages with the flywheel when you activate the clutch, just in case I am calling it by the wrong name. After using the punch press for several decades, this pin finally...
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    OT: Steel Shop Door Advice

    Hi, I am about to replace my basement door, and would like to install a nice high quality, commercial class steel door. As I assume many of you on this forum have this type of door on your shop, I am hoping you can give me some advice. The door is not a standard size, please keep this in mind...
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    OT: Pirelli Calendar 2016

    Some women look better wearing less, others wearing more. This girl is definately one of the others, but she is quite funny.
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    Does the 10ee wear badly compared to other lathes?

    I will probably get flamed for this, but I think there is a design reason that wear of the ways is quite noticeable on these machines. Take a look at the front way for the carriage. The front side of that way is about twice as wide as the backside of that way. I believe this causes the backside...
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    10EE Universal Chuck Wrench

    Peter, I hope you don't mind me reopening this ancient thread. I am about to make myself one of these wrenches, and want to check a few dimensions with you. When you say the ends are 5/16 square, is it exactly .3125, or a few thousands difference? Being stuck in a wheelchair makes it very hard...
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    Questions about Machining Barrel for Muzzle Break

    I hope this hasn't been answered before, I certainly couldn't find it by searching. A friend has a 22 rifle he wants to fit a muzzle break to. Actually, I'm not sure if it's correct to call it a muzzle break, the only opening is the one the bullet passes through. It is more of a decorative...
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    Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

    I don't know where in PA Montco is, but if you're anywhere near Bristol, Bristol Aluminum has always been good to deal with. Welcome to Bristol Aluminum! MAILING ADDRESS AND CONTACT NUMBERS BRISTOL ALUMINUM CO. 5514 Emilie Road Levittown, PA 19057 Phone - 215.946.3160 Toll Free -...
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    FS: Spanners for "L" Series Lathe Spindles

    I recently purchase an L-00 (standard length) wrench. Arrived quickly, & wrench is very nice. Fits my Logan perfectly. Edges are smooth & no burrs anywhere, it's ready to use. Thanks Walter. Ed
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    Please Recommend Machinist CBT (Computer Based Training) Courses / Materials

    A friend is starting to train new hires, and is interested in CBT. Specifically, basic machining operations working your way all the way up to CNC. Definitely not something that is CNC only. There needs to be a good emphasis on the basics. I know I can find a good bit with Google or Bing, but...
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    C16J filament phasing

    9100, according to the spec sheets for the tubes, the phasing of the filaments definitely matters. That is why one is marked F+ and the other is marked F-. Leigh, your method of phasing the filaments will certainly work, but it is far more complicated than it needs to be. No oscilloscope is...
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    More Chinese "Quality" - This Time It's Drywall

    http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/03/18/chinese.drywall/index.html Simply beyond comment. Ed
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    OT - ProVision Borescope, any good?

    Martin, I would like the Pro-Vision 300 if you still have it. I sent a private message. Ed
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    Monarch Lathe Solid State Retrofit c/w field Weakening

    What do you use as a speed control pot? Is the original Monarch dual section pot needed, or does this control use an off-the-shelf pot for speed control?
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    dro's and the 10EE

    I was talking to Scott@Monarch a year or 2 ago regarding DROs for the ee, Monarch was using Newall. Worth thinking about... Ed
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    Ultrasonic cleaner - how to know it's working?

    Strips of aluminum foil should look like they've been blasted by a tiny shotgun after a few minutes. Do not run the trunsducer out of water! It is both cooled and loaded by the water, and running dry can destroy it in seconds. The power supply may well be delivering over 1KV to the transducer...