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    Lagun mill tapered gib scraping problem.

    Im scraping about 2 years and 3 machines done for now.Gib has some internal stress I cannot remove. Every scrape pass geometry change.Shim is hot rolled steel.Unfortunately I have no surface grinder but i can make new one with this mill using shimmed magnetic table.No other way :) Get well soon...
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    Lagun mill tapered gib scraping problem.

    Ant there You are 110% right.Even it looks stiff it's not.Only one good way is to use Turcite or make new one.I chose second way. Hope with new all will be nice and shiny :) .
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    Lagun mill tapered gib scraping problem.

    Thank You ,but paint job looks nice only on pics.I'm marine engineer but at home Im building machines About the gib, I'm gonna to make new one.Old is in bad condition and also to thin because of "try to fix disaster by scraping :P "
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    Lagun mill tapered gib scraping problem.

    I'v checked left-right play also ,and there is 0.01mm- it's fine.But what with up/down play? Still cannot deal with.I'v tried to put sheets of aluminium foil in few places between saddle and gib to be sure there is no issue with angle.
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    Lagun mill tapered gib scraping problem.

    I'v got problem with saddle tapered gib. Knee ways all scraped with 0.01mm between dovetails. Flat ways parallel. Saddle : gib opposite side scraped to knee with great contact. Gib angle checked by two dials to make sure it's lifting up same. All seems to be fited , but as visible on pic I can...
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    Metal bandsaw tension math ?

    Time to get understand how much tension do I need. I have homemade horizontal metal bandsaw with 19mm saw(0.9mm wide).I'v found tension parameters from european manufacturers.For my saw it's 23500 PSI(1600 bar !). Everything nice and shinny ,but something seems to be unreal with...
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    Metal Bnadsaw swivel arm lock.

    I'm looking for best way to lock swivel arm in my metal bandsaw project.I found this vid on YT and I cannot find how is that lock made.Kick-lock, kick-unlock. Any ideas?