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    Monarch 10EE EM new in 1992

    The name plate shows 240. Is it 240 or 600V? But again - not a buyer.
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    Wanted Deckel FP1

    If I have to ask does that mean I don't want to know? How much are you looking for? What a beauty. I am guess all the dials are metric?
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    Sheldon lathe

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    FS: Nice Bridgeport Mill, Hardinge Lathe

    I hope you are still making clocks. They are art in motion.
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    Upgrading RAM/Max RAM on Dynapath Delta 20?

    You might but Dynapath is still in business and goes out of its way to help customers. I am sure they can sell you what you want for a reasonable amount. Just remember if you by pass the security then you shouldn't get made when someone does it to your bank account.
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    Full 5 Axis CNC Excello 408 HMC /HBM

    Been here since I was born. I want to say 72 was a really good year for snow. While we do get snow in central lower Michigan, it seems to go north or south of us. While west Michigan gets lots of lake effect snow. We are too far away from the lakes. Ohio seems to be getting more snow then us.
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    Full 5 Axis CNC Excello 408 HMC /HBM

    3 things. We don't get that much snow anymore. :( What ever happened to the 408? and What accent?
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    WTB: Clausing 85xx, Millrite, etc

    Here is one in Troy MI. No relation to ad. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/495932335940996/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post
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    FS Monarch 10ee modular

    What did you replace it with?
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    1973 Monarch 10EE All original condition Mint!!! $29,995

    Wow! Nice. How Much $$. I know if you have to ask, you really can't afford it. Some times the shoe fits.
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    Identifying a Renishaw probe

    Yep. That would be my guess https://www.renishaw.com/en/job-contact-probes--610
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    Cheap: Large Cleveland Planer Mill

    There are a couple more photos in the gallery on there website. Under about us. Nice parts.
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    Cincinnati Cintimatic Vertical Mill For Sale

    More info would be helpful along with a full picture, Control picture, and cabinet shots can be helpful.
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    South Bend CL 187RB

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    tree journyman 425 CNC: for Sale

    What control did you use?
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    tree journyman 425 CNC: for Sale

    Good luck. If you have not used a Dynapath before, they are user freindly and are still supported for the most part by Dynapath.
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    South Bend "Heavy 10" 10L lathe for sale

    The new seller is not happy I brought this up. Not sure why it is a problem.
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    South Bend "Heavy 10" 10L lathe for sale

    Seem like it is for sale again.