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    Medical or Aerospace Certification worth it?

    Phthalates are a plasticizer used primarily in flexible PVC. It's the part that makes it flexible. You are correct that they are not good for you. Lots of different bad stuff in melting plastic...
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    Bridgeport J head on a Burke mvn millrite

    It will bolt right on* With a simple adapter...
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    Is #0-80 form tapping titanium impossible?

    What tap brand and chart are you using? .055" puts you north of 65% thread engagement on the Balax chart. What are you using for gage pins? .0001" increment X class pins are going to the be best option for having a hope of understanding what is going on in this case.
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    Al Babin has a new technique

    I (surprisingly) managed to buy a chuck from him a few months back. It was through an ebay store he managed to run for about a year. The chuck arrived in a timely manner in as expected shape. It was through ebay and I am well versed in the refund process. He was selling a lathe that showed the...
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    Create Tool

    I had put a request in with Create a couple weeks ago and got nothing back. I will probably go with PEWE, but let me know what your source looks like. So is this not a picture of their shop? http://www.createtool.com/article.asp?id=3 I am looking for something along these lines: A Size Tool...
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    Albrecht, Grand Keyless Chucks, Jacobs 14n Superchuck, 5C Collet Block Set

    I found this page on Grand Tools circa 2002 I think. http://www.grandtool.com/products.html I didn't see these exact models of chucks, though they might be in there somewhere.
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    Holding 6 micron (2 tenths) hole tolerance

    These are the prices from the first invoice I came across for American Lap. This was two years ago.
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    Holding 6 micron (2 tenths) hole tolerance

    Helical laps are absolutely what I would recommend for this job if it was 1 to maybe 10 pcs. I usually buy American Laps http://americanlap.com/ as they are a bit better priced from what I remember. You can easily creep up on the ID and could definitely nail the spec. It is just slow. I have...
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    Holding 6 micron (2 tenths) hole tolerance

    Comparators and tool makers mics are often mechanically limited in terms of accuracy. What laser mic do you have that can't do repeatability of better than around 25 millionths? Generally, for something like a diameter on a purely optical measurement you can throw sub pixel resolution and bunch...
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    Holding 6 micron (2 tenths) hole tolerance

    There may be typos in your post or an opportunity to improve your process. The Go pin should be .2492 in this case. Pins should be selected on the specified tolerance limit, 0.2494 +/- 0.0002 = .2492 MIN, .2496 MAX = .2492 Go, .2496 No Go Lots of people get hung up on factoring in the gage pin...
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    HLV Value?

    I don't think I have ever heard anyone say anything bad about Babin Machine: https://www.babinmachine.com/ Al Babin or Ali Babin or whatever name by this week is a notoriously slimy dealer out of the southern CT.
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    HAAS 6" CNC Vise

    I just ran across these vises and am interested due to the good pricing. Does anyone have experience with these Haas branded vises? Haas: $407 Shipped Made in Taiwan 8" opening 16.7 body length Ground Sides Traditional push screw design Kurt DX6: $665 Shipped USA Made 9" Opening 16.8 body...
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    Collecting Payment from a big customer

    Start sending those statements with interest charges. If the work is good, but the payment process is not, switch them to prepayment and let them decide if they want to be your customer.
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    Collecting Payment from a big customer

    The legal fees fight for $15K is about the same as $120K. This seems more a situation of incompetence than strategy on their part.
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    Deckel Green RAL color code

    I don't have a Deckel, but my Emco Super 11 is also supposed to be RAL 6011. Rustoleum Satin Leafy Green has been a good match for quickly repainting a few components. It is actually very good, once you get a little oil or grease on it. Matching 40 year old paint perfectly is sort of futile...
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    Well crap - I am ordering a SawStop tomorrow. (Mildly graphic pictures)

    Despite the potential for bad habits I have yet to hear a story of an amputation from an accident with a SawStop. The safety is pretty easy to turn in bypass mode, but a little slow. I do wish there was a way to make multiple cuts with stopping the blade and staying in by pass mode. I would...
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    Very close to buying my first printer

    I think the problem is that it is somewhat easy to install the build plate incorrectly. Going back to the OP, it does look like QiDi has a line of new printers using similar high speed tech as the Bambu. Checking out a few quick reviews, it isn't as refined as the Bambu, but does have some...
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    Very close to buying my first printer

    I didn't even know that multiplate was an option. I was wondering what the "print all" option was. I will definitely use that.
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    Round bar ways machines.

    The Monarch EC, small chucker lathe had round bar ways as described in the brochure here: http://mimsriggers.com/assets/Monarch%20Lathes%20Sales%20Lit20140206.pdf The ways were completely enclosed, so the arrangement is not obvious.