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    Stone material for stoning aluminum alloys

    Thanks for the tips...yea our guys tend to clog the crap out of the stones regardless. Soaking regiment will be a good start to fix this.
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    Stone material for stoning aluminum alloys

    Hi all, I am in search of some intel on what material stone I should consider buying for stoning aluminum. Arkansas stones have a tendency to clog. The gray norton ones work well but are potentially a bit aggressive on the MRR. Any good middle ground?
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    Another mastercam vs hypermill discussion... Emphasis on Volumill.

    I've been using Hypermill for the past 7 months or so, and before that was a hardcore Mastercam fanboi. Look, I still prefer Mastercam 100% of the time, and unfortunately cannot use it. So Hypermill just takes longer to do basically anything. Workflow, pretty similar to Mcam. However, where...
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    What is the deal with Inconel

    Edge Precision. He does a ton of oil and gas work. Here is his latest project...looks "simple" until you see the section view! Oh an it is some exotic Titanium alloy. Titanium Part Plan Tools and Setup - YouTube
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    What is the deal with Inconel

    This probably has a lot to do with it, for sure. People always say carbide/tooling improvements have been incremental, but 30 years of incremental improvement leads to a massive gain in performance by the end of that time period.
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    What is the deal with Inconel

    Here's to hoping I never encounter Haynes 25! haha. I actually think machining SOFT materials is harder...a non extreme example is this part that is the 2" bar. I made an aluminum test article to dial in the process and hit everything in spec (+0 -0.0006 on most of the 15 diameters...) and...
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    What is the deal with Inconel

    Over the past year or so I have been machining a lot of super alloys. Initially I thought "oh god this is gonna SUCK" But after awhile it really is just like....okay this is another material to cut. Maybe it is because I have had to cut such a wide spectrum of materials over my career but I...
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    Brand new DNM 5700 drip feed

    Can you not run the part program straight off of the memory source like a USB stick or mem card? That would be a good happy medium. I confess Im not the data server expert but this seems easy.
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    The Turboencabulator is Obsolete!!

    I just want you to know that this video sent me down a hilarious rabbit hole which nuked several hours of productivity. It led me to the trap-house remix of this video... Retro Encabulator [Trap Remix] **Guy Explaining Machine - YouTube Channel is hilarious...
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    Brand new DNM 5700 drip feed

    From my understanding, the geolocking of CNC machines has to do with making nukes, so yea everybody has to follow those rules. There is a reason why a DMG mori is geolocked. But that has NOTHING to do with Fanuc sucking. Fanuc sucking is a fanuc problem, not a US government problem. I get that...
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    Manual Deburring Complex Aluminum Parts

    yes, but make sure you use delicate pads. I prefer the red or green for aluminum. Even the red 3M pads can be to aggressive with alu. Green=good. Google "scotch brite roloc pads" Amazon.com: 3M 7515 Scotch-Brite Roloc Surface Conditioning Disc, Blue, 2 in, Very Fine : Tools & Home Improvement
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    Best path for gaining machining knowledge?

    I would agree with this. Looking at my progress as a machinist 5-7 years ago, yea I was good but not necesarily well rounded. For example I did not know much about grinding lathe tools. Now I can pretty easily grind whatever form I need and do it half decently. My position has afforded me the...
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    Brand new DNM 5700 drip feed

    I agree it is the case of the MTB not speccing something correct, however, the fact that FANUC is even still selling crap like this is reflective of their company. Nickle and dime
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    Brand new DNM 5700 drip feed

    I was just about to shit all over Fanuc but you beat me to the punch, but ill do it anyway. ITS 2021 PEOPLE. How on god's green earth is a company giving you 2MB?????? What is this, a CNC controller for ants?!?! For real, I just cannot fathom this. Sure their new HMI is nicer than their old...
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    Please help me reverse my threading tool path!

    I just did a LH thread on the lathe using M04 threading right to left. The key here being the insert is flipped upside down. An ID threading bar running upside down makes in a LH OD threading bar. Then run reverse spindle and thread normally. It sounds like you want a RH thread? To do that you...
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    Center drills, proper use

    Use a center drill for creating a center for my live center all the time. That is the primary intended function. But I also use long ass center drills for spotting holes on a shelf in the VMCs too. Find me a 1/4" diameter spot drill that can hang out 6" and I will consider switching lol! Damn...
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    What is the purpose of 90° spotting drills?

    Been spotting with a 90 degree indexable spotting drill since the day I started machining....never really had an issue. Perhaps I will get some indexables at 120 or 130 degree to try to do it correctly! Not opposed to admitting my sacrilege and wrongdoing, but I have noticed zero issue doing...
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    Learning Hypermill

    Good to hear!
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    Best Tool holding for CNC Milling

    2xD slot milling in 4140 will absolutely pull out a cutter in an ER chuck. I have seen it twice on some expensive parts. OK OK I didn't see it per se, I was the one running it! Oops. Maybe if you use the high torque bearing nut you can get away with it but I wouldn't want to risk it. Scrapping...
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    Best Tool holding for CNC Milling

    *IT is spelled trochoidal. Pronounced: tro-KOY-dull Trochoid - Wikipedia