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    Needing Information

    Thanks both of you. If is for use in a gun, but its what ever gun is used on a warthog. A military vehicle. I am trying to find some information on how it works. I would like to incorporate is technology into some of my company's products. I will get Pictures and re-post with a more detailed...
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    Needing Information

    So I am seeking information about a device that is simply referred to as an arbor around my work place. There seems to be a wide range of devices with that designation, so my research on Google has left me with a lot to sort through. I am hoping that my explanation of the device will be enough...
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    Looking for help with machinist/manufacturing freelancing site

    I'm a complete supporter of this idea...!!! Hmm... first issue I had, While registering I received no conformation and the page seems to simply reload with no indication of success or any type of message alerting me to errors. So I'm assuming registration was not completed.
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    CNC Machinist- Looking to advance my career.

    Hello, I have been working as a CNC Machinist/QA Inspector for the last four years. My experience comes from working in a small production / job shop (12 Machines, 4-10 Employees). Business at my shop has been in famine for quite a while now and I would like to improve my skill set by working...
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    I left you a pm pertaining to your post about the position near Texarkana. Leaving this post to...

    I left you a pm pertaining to your post about the position near Texarkana. Leaving this post to make sure you received my message.
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    Mori Seiki NT Series

    Hello everybody.... So a little info about the machines.... NT4300 DCG with a Main Chuck, Steady Rest & Sub Spindle NT3200 DCG with a Main Chuck, Steady Rest & Tail Stock. I have been operating these two machines for about two months. The company I work for has had them for about two years...
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    Searching For a New Employer

    As far as machine repair goes....I feel that knowing how to repair manuals would be a valuable skill...but I know for a fact that the money is in repairing cnc's. Both the electrical components and moving parts work together so much that it would take a well rounded knowledge of both. A good...
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    Searching For a New Employer

    Im located in the southwest area of Arkansas in a town called Nashville. If you dont know where that is, its about 1 1/2 - 2 hours south of little rock. Yea i agree, as far as i am concerned knowledge is power and i thought focusing on QA, CNC lathe & Mill, and programing was being flexible. Of...
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    Searching For a New Employer

    Jim- I completely agree with you. Anything formal would indeed be proof read and triple checked. IndGild- I really can do all that i previously stated, I dont know if it just comes easily to me or if i just had a very good teacher. (I'm going with a good teacher for the sake of modesty) Also I...
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    Searching For a New Employer

    I take great pride in everything i set out to accomplish, especially when it comes to my work. As for my spelling and grammar , these are hardly reflections of my intelligence or ability to preform as a machinist. Though i completely understand where you all are coming from. Everyone has their...
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    Searching For a New Employer

    Is anyone looking to hire a young ambitions cnc machinist? I have two years experience at my current employer. My responsibility's have included being the only Quality control manager, Keeping up our ISO 9001:2008 Certification, Setting up Kitamura and HAAS lathes and mills along with running...