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    Rivett 608

    Thanks for posting this link. I've had a 608 for over 40 years and never saw this info. I rescued mine from a junk pile in the back room of an old garage. It's not a museum piece, but it's accurate and I use it often. J. Clear
  2. J

    Tool Stuck in Fadal VMC15

    I get the tool sticking occasionally after a long cut. I keep a bottle of WD40 and give the holder a quick spray before the tool change. That helps a lot.
  3. J

    Will high frequency TIG damage nearby computer?

    Never had an issue with the computer in the shop. but I went through 3 iphones before I realized it was the TIG high frequency start was the culprit. The phone worked, but the speaker for the earpiece would fail. After the second time I would keep the phone away, until once or twice I forgot it...
  4. J

    Have any cool metalworking photos?

    Nice pic! I remember your posts from way back. Tried to send you a msg, but your maxed out on storage J. Clear
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    Bandit Controller Electrical Schematic needed for Shizouka AN-S CNC Knee Mill

    Try a search for Len Albright, Albright's CNC Support Services. He's helped me out with the old Bandit controller. He's very knowledgeable & good to deal with. J.
  6. J

    Heavy duty leveling casters on small VMC? Stupid idea?

    Arron I moved mine with 6 pieces of 3/4" water pipe about 3 feet long and a come-a-long. Cheap and fairly easy to do by yourself. I had to rotate it 180 and then straight back about 25 feet back. J.
  7. J

    Bridgeport shadow cnc problems help !

    Try Len Albright Albright's CNC Support Services. He's helped me out with the old Bandit controller and I believe he makes the Shadow control as an upgrade. He's very knowledgeable & good to deal with. J.
  8. J

    How many Fadal'ers are in here?

    I've had mine almost 3 years now. I paid $7500 for it with a bunch of holders and a nice Kurt 8". I've only had to replace a drive amp and the CPU board. The machine has paid for itself many times over.
  9. J

    Santa's coming to town..New machine day Brother Speedio S500X1....rigging questions

    I blinked and missed the tool change. Thanks for putting up that video, that was very impressive. I can take a short nap while my Fadal does a tool change. J.
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    Fadal VMC-15 - pics or advise moving?

    When I got my VMC20 we blocked the head like D Nelson stated above and had a rollback winch it up and chained it down. Getting it unloaded at my place was a bit more difficult since the truck got stuck about 6' from my concrete pad. Once I got it there I rolled it into the shop on 3/4" water...
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    1994 Fadal VMC 20 possible purchase

    It will be close, I just measured mine & it's 80" from the floor to the flange that the Z axis mounts to. I had to remove my Z axis to roll it in on 3/4" pipe. I didn't need to mess with the cable chain, but my door height was 93".
  12. J

    1994 Fadal VMC 20 possible purchase

    I picked an older VMC 20 a couple years ago for $7.5k with a bunch of tooling and a nice 8" kurt vise. I had it delivered on a rollback for $400. I'm running it with a 10hp Phase Perfect. I think it a great starter machine. I've had a few small issues, but the machine has paid for itself many...
  13. J

    A 90's Fadal 4020 seems like the right garage CNC for me. Help choosing options?

    I don't have much knowledge on the differences between the two, but I have an older VMC20 I picked up a couple of years ago. I know its not fast and I've had to make a couple of repairs on it, but its paid for itself many times over. I don't feel too bad when its down since I'm not making...
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    Fadal RS232 Troubleshooting

    When I first got my Fadal I tried for days to get the files to transfer. I ended up borrowing another cable and a line tester from a friend. The tester showed that the data was transferring and the program ran fine. When I removed the line tester to return it, the data transfer no longer worked...
  15. J

    Fadal wont start battery replaced

    Replaced the power supply and I'm still getting the same thing. I know my limitations and electrical stuff is one of them. I figured it best to call up a pro. He thought there might be an issue with the program module, but I'd rather not just keep buying parts not knowing for sure, so I asked if...
  16. J

    Fadal wont start battery replaced

    So I pulled the 2 memory boards and tried to restart, no change though. I noticed the red led is not lit on the cpu board while the ones for the axes are flashing. Does that mean that no power is going to it? When I checked the power supply I only tested to 12v output not sure where to check for...
  17. J

    Fadal wont start battery replaced

    My Fadal vmc20 would not fire up after sitting a couple weeks. The power supply voltage checked out ok but the cpu battery only read about .74 volts. Replaced the battery but I'm still having the same issue. First time starting I get the &&&&&&&'s and after restarting I get the other screen. J...
  18. J

    How long have you been machining?

    I got started around 1977. Went to night school for machine shop at a cost of $45 for 12 weeks, while pumping gas in the daytime. I picked up a Rivett 608 from a guy that ran a used car lot. It was laying in pieces in the corner of an old building. I got my first full time job in a job shop in...
  19. J

    Need gears - anyone used laser cut gears?

    I had to make a window regulator assembly for a Lamborghini. I had the gears cut with a waterjet and that worked out pretty well. The laser cut would be even better. J. Clear
  20. J

    New Machine (Fadal 3016L) Coming :) and a question...

    Pete congrats on the new machine. I picked up my Fadal VMC20 last year. It's been great having the tool changer and being fully enclosed the shop stays a bit cleaner. Having flood coolant is also helping me to ramp up the feeds & speeds too. I was able to get mine moved with a rollback for $400...