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    Manual or hydraulic grinder?

    Old username that I had forgot the password/email for that apparently my computer membered all of a sudden. I had not even noticed it :)
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    Manual or hydraulic grinder?

    yes, it's the one with the lever handle. But is there anything you can't do on a hydraulic that you can on a manual? The working envelope of the machines are quite different but the machines are not that different in size, so I'm curious on if there is any functionality that I'll lack by going...
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    Manual or hydraulic grinder?

    As a new person to machining with mostly manual machines I've looked at getting a grinder and the options that are available to me is a B&S Micrometer 510 and a Tripet MHP 500, both look to be in decent conditions but the thing that has me stumped is that is there any reason to buy a manual...
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    problem with FP2NC control

    Sorry for using a 11 year old thread but I feel like I probably have the same error with a Deckel fp2nc with Heidenhain 355 controller. [ATTACH=CONFIG]328387[/ATTACH There is the A7 hand control, the A5 controll, the signal then goes throu the three motor overload switches Q2, Q3, Q4 after that...