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    New Doosan/Fanuc user, with a bunch of controller questions

    K3.0 set to 1 will stop the spindle and turn the coolant off with a feed hold on probably most current DN machines. This screenshot is from a SVM, but the Lynx and DMP we have on our floor use the same keep relay.
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    New machine day! she's a biggun...

    I think that my office is doing the install (I heard one of the service guys talking about going to Michigan to install an Ibarmia; can't be a coincidence, right?) and I'm out of Ohio. Who did you end up buying this machine from that we ended up doing the install? Just curious as this office is...
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    Chip breaking - FANUC Servo Learning Oscillation function

    Not sure how much this helps, but DNS (Doosan) has what is called DSSV (Spindle Speed Variation). It's turned on with keep relay 22.0 and uses an M code to use it in your program.
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    New Machine Day

    At our office we had the DEM that ended up at IMTS and we couldn't figure out a way to get anything useful populated in the EOP page either. Check keep relay 4.4 for the auger. That's what it is on the SVM we have on our showroom floor and it doesn't even have an auger.
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    New machine day! she's a biggun...

    I'm interested in seeing how you like it. We have a ZVH45 on our showroom floor, but it's Fanuc controlled. We haven't done anything with it yet. However, we've had a few tire kicks.
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    Need to unclamp chuck with the foot pedal mid program.

    M31 for main, M131 for sub.
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    Doosan SVM 4100 in a garage?

    Unfortunately not. Here's the dimensions from the brochure:
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    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    I've got a blue book for a new Lynx 2100 and it shows K3.7. I don't have a mill blue book to check.
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    Modern Vise Options for VMC

    I would spend the money on a nice vice or vices, finances permitting of course. Yeah, they are going into a 26 year old machine now. But they might go into a 10 year old machine down the road...or perhaps even a brand new machine!
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    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    I don't have to! The kind of people that will plumb their own air and coolant will also figure out the door lock situation. But DN always has the last laugh with this as the door is supposed to be open for manual tool changes :D
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    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    DN makes it too easy to defeat the door locks :D
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    All of Autodesk is offline right now? Yikes

    Our office recently hopped on the Fusion bus and I made sure to voice my opinion about this type of sales model, but they couldn't get past the sound of all of the money they were saving every year. Not even two months later, this happens. I can't help but to laugh...
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    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    Your sales person would be disappointed in me! I've never seen anyone order this option, so I had a look at the parts book. From what I can gather, it's a completely different pump that's only used for that option.
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    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    Yup, it's pretty straight forward to do it yourself and that's what most customers choose to do. The air blow nozzle isn't air blast, btw. It's for external air, like, outside of the machine. That option plumbs lines and a fitting that outputs right by the controller. The coolant option is a bit...
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    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    As lame as it sounds, that's correct. It's not plumbed for either of those by default.
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    Editing manual guide fixed sentences

    In that same menu with export/import there is alter. Hitting alter on your selected form will bring up a dialog box just like you were making a new one, but will be filled out with the file name and saved code.
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    Editing manual guide fixed sentences

    If you hit the setting soft key while in manual guide, there are options to import and export. You can open the exported .DAT file on your PC using notepad (or something similar) for editing and then import the file at the machine.
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    It seems like there has been a shift in the past couple of years. The last place I worked made custom tooling for (moslty) the automotive industry. The only tooling that was made with a 63 was going on the legacy lines. All of the new tooling being designed for the new lines utilized 100.
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    What's the best "Giveaway Gizmo" you've seen? IMTS,WESTEC, Salesmen, Etc

    I work at the office that put on that demo; and while we thought they would be popular, we never anticipated adults trying to muscle their way past the kids literally after being told that the giveaways are for the kids. Of course, that's probably the best way to show the future generation what...