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    Mazak NTX48/1500W how reload parameters backup from PC?

    Hello! Do any of you know the procedure for saving the parameters backup file to Mazatrol L32B (Mazak NTX laser, NC with LCD screen)? It is different than in the older Mazatrol L32 with CRT screen. Regards!
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    Mazak NTX 48 1500W - parameters

    Hello and welcome. If any of you use the Mazak NTX48 1500W lasers (on the Mazatrol control, the one with a black LCD screen, year 1998), I have a heartfelt request: I need photo screens with parameters. There are several tabs under the "parameter" button. I need a preview of the last "system...
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    Minipos 807

    Thank you very much :) Danke sehr :)
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    Mazak QT6T EIA - turret home possition after battery failure.

    I warmly welcome. The problem concerns the Mazak QT6T (Quick Turn 6T) lathe with Mazatrol EIA control. The battery in the Mitsubishi MR-J2-40CT, which is controlled by the turret, has failed. How do I restore home possition turrets after battery replacement? I am asking for help and best regards.
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    Minipos 807

    Welcome. Does anyone have (and would share) a manual to control Minipos 807 (Sütron Electronic)? It is a simple panel that is sometimes used in band saws such as Kasto. Quite an old panel and the sütron no longer has any pdf in the archives on its server.
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    Lathe - Fanuc 32i - reloading data after baterry failure

    Welcome. Please provide me with the procedure for reloading the backup data after a memory backup battery failure (SRAM etc.). Original data from the manufacturer of the machine - 25MB. This is a CTX CNC lathe from Fanuc 32i (under Windows CE). After inserting the memory card, holding the two...
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    Mill center HURCO VMX 40/50 - broken spindle drive belts

    Hi, thanks for the tips :) How do you do the "orient spindle" routine after replacing the belts? The spindle must be in the tool change position.
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    Mill center HURCO VMX 40/50 - broken spindle drive belts

    Hello to all the specialists - magicians :) The machine is Hurco VMX40 / 50. The spindle drive belts are broken. The exchange itself will probably not be easy, because I have no experience with this machine and I do not know what to unscrew in turn. If anyone can advise me, please. I am also...