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    Wisest things the oldtimers used to say............

    I was down south somewheres and someone said... Damm that gril was tall... Someone else said "How tall was she? He said, "She could stand flat footed and piss into the bed of a dump truck". Kinda made me laugh for a good long time. Walt.
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    OT- Any speeding ticket court words of wisdom ?

    24 mph over, or 19 mph over (if it were 70 Limit)... Both and or either will cause the insurance rate to rise. What is the excuse for going 24/19 mph over the speed limit? No words of wisdom.... Other than "one Aw Shit, wipes out all your atta boys". Walt.
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    How about some advice on lost motion :)

    Andrew, Tools needed: test indicator .0001" and a mag base with an fine adjusting screw. Start at the sourse of power and follow the movement. Check the motor coupling to ensure it is tight. Then, mount the indicator on the slide so you can look at the thread of the lead screw. Use the...
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    Tree J325 won't release tool

    Ewlsey, Is there any way you can check and verify the retention knob..... However .050 knock out is a bunch. I can't explain it but .0500 seems to take the drawbar out of it's "sweet" spot. Assuming it is spring clamp and air unlock, do you have enough air pressure? Then ofcourse you are...
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    Tree J325 won't release tool

    Ewlsey, First things first. In the morning, use a long travel indicator and try to measure the "knock out." The tool unclamp function should move the tool holder forward .020 to .030. If no knock out is noted, that is no doubt most of your problem. If the knock out is OK, be aware of heat...
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    looking for simple timer relay

    W. W. Granger gots bunches of Time Delay Relays. You will need a base but that makes swapping relays easy.. Regards Walt..
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    OT: Owning A Late Model Car After Warranty

    Owning older vehicles... I just recieved a letter from a Ford Dealer about 40 miles south of where I live. In the letter the sales manager mentions he has a ton of buyers for 2003 Surburbans just like mine. It seems the Ford Dealer has information regarding the vehicles you and I own...
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    OT: Owning A Late Model Car After Warranty

    Lets see, how long should you drive a car? Purchase a new car. You have a car payment and a warranty.. Make the car payment, use the warranty and drive.... When the car payments wear out, (paid off) and the warranty is gone, put the car payment money in the bank each and every month. Watch...
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    Toolholder retention issue

    LS Machine & BobM3, Looky, looky, you both got mail.... No not out in the mail box, your E Mail.. I recieved the adapter parts. All is well. Glad we could accomidate. Regards, Walt..
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    Toolholder retention issue

    LS Machine, I wasn't thinking.... I could have put a tube of bluing in the box with the adapters. We use Dykem, Hi Spot, Non Drying, Non hardening, Stock 83307. (It used to be HiSpot #107) I could have put it in 3 or 4 zip lock bags so it would not leak out too bad...
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    Toolholder retention issue

    LS Machine The 2mm refered to "coming off the end of the drawbar," should be checked with a tool clamped in the taper and also checked with no tool in the taper. If you were to run the spindle with no tool in the spindle, the drawbar would possibily "weld" itself to the cylinder rod. The...
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    Toolholder retention issue

    LS Machine, It will be interesting to determine just how much tool retention you have once you get the proper gages. I have to admit, I checked tool retention with a screw driver before I purchased the proper gaging. If it too low which we suspect, make an adjustment and remeasure to see what...
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    Brigeport Interact circle cutting problem - Cuts 0.09mm out even with boring bar.

    I think I would be checking the bored hole with a bore gauge. Check it before you unclamp the part and then check it after it is unclamped. Also, mount an indicator on the spindle and indicate the bored hole. This should be done prior to unclamping the part. If you see no out of roundness...
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    CAT40 pull studs

    Their was quite an article here on PM regarding retention knobs and torque. I have look and looked but I can't find it. Somehow I remember something about 40 foot pounds and a little dap of loctite. I know knobs should be inspected from time to time and replaced if any wear is apparent...
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    Toolholder retention issue

    LS Machine We will be right here if you need us. Plus I can ship the adapters and or the gauge if necessary.... Regards Walt...
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    Toolholder retention issue

    LS Machine, We here at Spindle Grinding Service use Command Retention Gauges. I just looked in the one case setting here and I have the adapters for 35 taper stack up. If you know anyone in your area that would let you use their gauge Part # GDAT - 0001, I could mail to you the parts...
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    Well here we go.... I have not read all the posts on this thread but I have not seen anyone mention agitation. For years and years I recommended that customers pipe in a tee in the coolant line and run the teed lkine directly back to the coolant tank. We normally used the hard hydraulic lines...
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    Tool Balancing / Spindle Life

    jkowal If the electronic gods are kind, you got mail. Regards Walt..
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    Westec Report

    I remember the day when the bus ride to Fond du Lac was other than uneventful. Plus the "show" at the factory. Then the ride back to Chicago. It seems like rides to Rockford were available from year to year..... Can someone give me an "Amen" on them trips? Plus, those were the good old...
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    Spindle taper repair

    3t3d Seems like I remember going to Beltsville Maryland in 1994. Then we went back again in 1996. Some Company called EG&G Pressure Seal.. Seems like I remember this name coming up in some of your writings. I might be wrong but I think that is what I remember.... I worked on a Saturday...