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  1. Eric U

    Need a new anodizer

    Any anodizer recommendations? I had to fire my last one due to a pile of scrapped parts. I’m in the southeast US but could ship anywhere I suppose. Not large lots, 200-300 parts a few times a year is typical for me. Just Type 2 black needed.
  2. Eric U

    Turning / boring bronze bushings

    I’ve done some Oilite bronze bushings and used cermet inserts with good results. I don’t know how my bronze compares to yours and my volume wasn‘t high enough to see any wear, but it worked quite well.
  3. Eric U

    How do I improve this finish?

    Aluminum specific inserts and use coolant.
  4. Eric U

    Sources for Oilite bronze

    That’s what I’m finding, but wanted to check here just in case.
  5. Eric U

    Sources for Oilite bronze

    Yes, and McMaster only has 6.5” lengths.
  6. Eric U

    Sources for Oilite bronze

    I need to make a few dozen Oilite bushings ~1.39” OD x .68” ID. The only Oilite-SAE 841 stock I can find is in 6.5“ lengths, cored or solid. Is that just the way it is, or does anyone know where to buy longer lengths?
  7. Eric U

    Slit spacer - 6061 al - sub spindle / y axis lathe?

    No need for subspindle...as I have none. The pictured part was turned/milled complete before parting off from the bar. I used a back chamfer milling tool to do the back ID chamfer, then I added the OD back side chamfer with a regular chamfer mill, then parted off to length. The parts are...
  8. Eric U

    CNC Lathe turns OD's well, but does not repeat when boring

    I’ve made about 14,000 bushings out of 4140HT in the last 18 months. OD is 1/2”, ID between .220” and .375”, 3/8” deep. Holding bore tolerances of +/- .0001”. Doosan Lynx 220. It took a while to really dial it in. I had issues with chip welding and would scrap between 20-30% of my parts on ID...
  9. Eric U

    Speedio W1000XD1 rigidity/capability in 4140HT....Oh, and chip handling in 6061

    Everything you said is true. I don’t know the volume the OP is running. If “a lot” I’d figure out a way to do it my way. If just “a few”, then a mill would be best. I’ve been running the same job for about 15 months now and everything looks like a bar-fed live-tool part now.
  10. Eric U

    Speedio W1000XD1 rigidity/capability in 4140HT....Oh, and chip handling in 6061

    Sorry, can’t help you on the Brother front, but that sure looks like a live tool lathe part.
  11. Eric U

    Engraving help.

    I use these “tough tip” engravers in 4140PH. They seem to have reasonable life (more than ball endmills) and fail gradually. Instead of breaking, the corners wear some and the engraving gradually changes from flat-bottomed to closer to what a ball end mill gives. Reasonably priced and leave a...
  12. Eric U

    Plunge rough... d yo guys use it?

    Any particular reason you have two threads on the exact same topic?
  13. Eric U

    To everyone who owns a cnc machine please read

    Thanks Douglas!
  14. Eric U

    CeramTec cutting inserts and tools

    I’m guessing Kris is just spamming for his company…
  15. Eric U

    Doosan Lynx lube issue?

    I cleaned the pickup screen and tank. No perceptible change. Next is the manifold. Any hints on what to look for there?
  16. Eric U

    Doosan Lynx lube issue?

    My Lynx is a Y-axis machine, so the X and wedge rails are exposed. I just ran an axis warmup program I have for about 5 minutes. No sign of extra way oil coming off the trucks. When I used to run this program without coolant I would see clear signs of extra oil dripping down the ways. This is...
  17. Eric U

    Doosan Lynx lube issue?

    Hi all, Don’t know if I really have a problem but suspect I do. Normally, if I do a full day of machining I would typically get at least 3/4 of my coolant skimmer tank full. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve emptied it…at least a couple of weeks and I’ve been hitting it pretty...
  18. Eric U

    Geared live tools?

    Thanks for all the input! I think I’ll pass on the geared live tools. I’ll look at other speeder options talked about above though. Laser wouldn’t work for the job I’m working now, and have been working on since January. It has potential for my own products but I don’t do enough volume of those...
  19. Eric U

    Geared live tools?

    I’ve been kicking around the idea for years of using geared up live tools in my Doosan Lynx. I do a lot of engraving with tiny tools and the 6000 rpm limit on my live tools is slowing me down. Almost exclusively, the longest run time in any of my programs is the engraving tool. How well do the...