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    Masking a dam for braze repair

    True Temper- Thanks for looking. Appreciate it.
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    Masking a dam for braze repair

    It’s a craftsman L2000 with a Briggs Gold+ 21 hp 540cc engine I believe it’s a 331877-0869 with a flywheel part number 698281 (that has 215700 cast into the underside). There is one on eBay that is identified as 698282 that looks identical...except for the key-magnet orientation. So close...
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    Masking a dam for braze repair

    Atomark and true temper- It’s a 20 year-old lawn tractor. Went down the road of trying to find a replacement flywheel first. No joy. OEM part is discontinued and not stocked new. EBay turned up only one similar, but with the timing key not oriented the same way to the magnet that triggers the...
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    Masking a dam for braze repair

    Thanks for the input folks. I’ll give the white out a try, and candle soot is a good back up. I’ll check the clearance around the hub as a steel band would add a lot of strength. But I suspect other parts above it (fan shroud ) will prevent adding dimension for a band. But we’ll see. I hear...
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    Masking a dam for braze repair

    The braze is in place of welding, because it’s cast iron. The bore will be cleaned up on the lathe and a new tapered key way cut. So there will be machining. Part is a Briggs and Stratton engine and the flywheel (even as broken) is still captured. So no safety risk involved.
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    Masking a dam for braze repair

    This is the mandrel I turned up that shows the taper
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    Masking a dam for braze repair

    I’ve got a cast iron flywheel where the hub broke away at the key way. Due to the age of the unit, it’s not practical to obtain a replacement flywheel, so I’m going to attempt to TIG braze back the missing material. I turned a male mandrel of stainless bar stock with the same taper that I’m...
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    Ball Turning Tool

    I made one similar to Jim’s. They’re great. Turns a nice small ball ( like a marble) or large ( like a doorknob). Not hard.
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    Apprentice drawings

    This topic sounds like a great stickie if folks could post PDFs or DWGs.
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    How would you locate the exact opposite point on a sphere to drill a hole?

    How about a disc of lucite with a concave that matches the curve of the ball. Superglue it over the “8” (aligning it by looking thru it) then chuck the disc in a 4-jaw in the lathe.
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    Edge finding that does not mare the work.

    As others have said, it should not leave a mark. Something is wrong. Regardless, if you can’t sort that out: 1. Interpose something sacrificial like zig zag paper or even thinner, bluing. 2. Indicate off the vise jaw, going the other direction. 3. Add a shim of a known dimension (like a .100...
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    1/4" carbide endmills still $1

    Arrived safe and sound and better than advertised! Thanks Dixon.
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    Where to buy coolant pumps

    I bought a secondhand jabsco recently. Reading the literature on them, they seem rated for nonflammable oils and says they’re used for coolant in industry.
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    Car remote question/possible solution?

    I feel your pain. Lost my Toyota fob...10 pm at a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike 300 miles from home...with My daughter and a car full of Her middle school friends on the way to dropping them off at a summer program. Damned if I can figure out where the fob went between the parking lot and the...
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    1/4" carbide endmills still $1

    Paypal just sent. Much appreciated, Dixon.
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    HELP Bezel removal Starrett 2" DI

    Been a while, but I think you insert a pin in the hole and rotate the bezel until your pin or paper clip makes contact with a bent wire spring attached to the body of the DI. The pin will compress the spring allowing you to pop the bezel off.
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    local school auction turns to crap

    Tragedy of the commons to be sure.
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    OT: quick way to paint steel ?

    For something down and dirty utilitarian, I’ve had good results with Rustolium Rusty Metal Primer with a Rustolium top coat. Easy Peasy but not elegant.
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    Becoming a machinist as an amputee?

    Interested to hear folks advice to you. Good on you for exploring the possibilities. I’ll start by saying nothing would prevent you from programming. Designing, engineering and writing code should be just fine.