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    Amera-Seiki and Mori programming question----Help Please!!!

    I have a colleague who owns an Amera-Seiki lathe. It has a Fanuc Series O-T controller. He also owns a Mori which has a MSC-521 controller. He would like to put reference notes in his programs like I do on the Haas machines. He says he cannot find where to put this info in. I told him...
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    HAAS Tailstock problem on ST-10

    Thanks everyone for your help. I am going to tear into it next week. (at end of semester--we are an HTEC center and semester ends next week)
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    HAAS Tailstock problem on ST-10

    I have an ST-10 with a tailstock. I haven't used the tailstock lately. It has the manually adjusted tailbody with the programmable quill. The tailbody is tightened down by a large bolt head on a cam. When I broke the bolt free, the tailstock would move on the ways. (It was stuck from lack...
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    Looking for CNC training software

    I am looking for some CNC training software. I am an instructor at a community college and we currently use a very outdated video training series called "maestro". We have been given a grant and are looking to update this portion of our program. I have inquired with MasterTask. Any others...
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    6-32 Tapping need help.

    Shiny tap--no coating. You can try the spiral--however, the straight flute is much stronger if you have room for the chips in the hole. Slow down the RPM's and/or try a spring loaded collet or tapping holder. 6-32's are some of the trickiest holes to get tapping well in a production run...
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    EMCO lathe and mill alarm questions

    I have been bitten by alarms on both machines within 24 hours of each other. Have an EMCO lathe PC 120 and an EMCO mill PC 125. The Lathe is giving me a 2520 ORD 1 RS485 Device Absent (AC). The mill has a 6000 emergency stop alarm. 1. First the lathe. I was on the phone all day with EMCO...
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    Looking for a good source for training videos.

    Does anyone know of a good source of training videos for machining, CNC machines and other manufacturing processes?
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    Integrex J300--saving programs to USB

    Can someone out there shed some light on how to save a program to a USB on an Integrex J300. (Matrix control) We have had the machine for 2 years and up until today, have not had a need to save a program to a flash drive. I keep getting errors and format alarms, etc. Any help much...
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    Machinability of aluminum

    I have to run some training parts out of aluminum. I am going to be using a CNC Lathe without coolant. In your opinion(s), what is the easiest machining grade of aluminum if I were not to use coolant? I have been told 2011. Is this true? 6061? 7075? 2024? 5086? Any help is much...
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    Help! Need waylube for EMCO lathe. Vogel lube pump

    Everyone--I have taken over an EMCO lathe with a Vogel model #122 024 510 pump on it. I contacted a distributor for that brand of pump but he had no idea and told me to contact Vogel or EMCO directly to find what kind of lubrication they would use. Does anyone out there have a pump like this...
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    how to stop the gantry loader robot flex-GL 100 inside Mazatrol 640T?

    You are trying to just run the machine without using the Gantry, correct? If that is all you are doing, all you need to do is remove the G20 and the G21 from your program. Is that all you are looking for? If not, let me know and I can dig in deeper.
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    Internal keyway deburring ideas

    Leave .005 in the bore--broach the part and remove burrs with a keyway deburring tool--.012-15 x 45 deg. approximate. Have the bore ground after--.005 will leave almost no burrs back in slots. Can lightly polish ID after also to remove the microscopic burrs. Don't know if this is feasible on...
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    Turning and threading stainless A660

    I am currently running a job that is A286 stainless steel and from what I gather they are either one in the same or very similar. I have run it before and it is not the best in the world to run. I have had the best luck with very slow SFM and good feed rates and depth of cut. (i know i am not...
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    mazak integrex 200 SY tool magazine belt hard to turn

    It turned out to be a bad transmission at the top of the belt. Bearing was broken in 3 places.
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    mazak integrex 200 SY tool magazine belt hard to turn

    ok--we are getting ready to dig into right now. thanks
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    mazak integrex 200 SY tool magazine belt hard to turn

    Has anyone out there with an Integrex 200 SY ever had a problem with the tool magazine freezing up or being very hard to turn? I am getting a ATC controller malfunction and it shows a servo overload on my motor driving the tool belt. i pull the motor out and it turns fine but the tool belt...
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    Star SV-32 with bar feeder for sale

    We have a Star SV-32 that we are possibly looking to sell. It was purchased new in December of 2010. We bought the machine for a project that has since ended and the machine does not fit our style of work. We currently do not have enough work that fits this machine to warrant keeping it...
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    drills for inconnel C276 and 718

    Not my first venture. We machine Monel 400 and other nickel alloys every week. Just never had quite a production job like this one and i am afraid that we have under quoted the job. I don't believe there is a true price break on these types of materials when the quantity goes up. I am...
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    drills for inconnel C276 and 718

    I have two jobs coming up out of inconnel. The first is out of C276 and i have to drill a 7/8" diameter hole about 1" deep and a 1/2 inch hole about 1/8" deep. The other job is out of 718 and i have to drill a 5/8" diameter hole about 3/4" long. The first job is 42 pcs. The second job is...