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    Two lathes and a shaper for sale

    Bob, I sent you a PM with regards to the Darbert.

    Two lathes and a shaper for sale

    Bump. Anyone interested? I'm willing to deal.

    Two lathes and a shaper for sale

    I have a 1942 Springfield lathe for sale. 14" spin, 30" between centers. Machine is usable, but has the typical bed wear for this age of machine. All gears in the headstock are good. Power feeds and threading do not work. Has the taper attachment. A good project machine for someone that...

    Compound Concrete Garage Floor

    We need to know the height of the steel beams as well to even begin to formulate a reasonable guess.

    New Welder Day - Miller CP 302 - Possible single phase conversion?

    Pete, Use this link to the three phase to single phase conversion: Haas-Kamp conversion for Miller CP-300, and CP-302 200-230-460 I've done this conversion and it works spot-on. Peter Haas and Dave Kamp I'm sure will chime in momentarily Regards, Kevin

    700 lb Gate post hole size calculation

    Clay soils typically are on the lower end of the shear strengths I listed. I would definitely go the concrete route.

    700 lb Gate post hole size calculation

    The weight of the gate is producing a 4,200 foot-pound (700 x 6')overturning moment on the post. The soil has to be able to counteract that force. Poor soils have a shear strength of around 20 kilopascals, while stronger soils have a shear strength of 80+ kilopascals. In poor soils you would...

    Hoist / trolley Chucks

    250 pounds working on a 44" lever arm (need to divide the 44" by twelve to get into feet) yields 917 foot pounds. Typical code crane load LRFD (load and resistance factor design) criteria I believe is 1.6 for crane loads. 917 foot pounds multiplied by 1.6 equals just under 1500 pound, divided...

    OT: Covid-19 Confusion

    I figured it was because they tend to drink lots, so that's what I've been doing too. No COVID here! Kevin

    Is physics always right? Water pressure dilema

    See the attached image. It should help make clear what I stated earlier.

    Is physics always right? Water pressure dilema

    Sorry, but no. Because the force on the glass increases as the depth increases, the force diagram is a triangle. The resultant force vector is applied at 1/3 of the height above the bottom of the tank, or 12.67 inches in this case.:)

    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    If you put a "Bernie" sign on your fence, I'm gonna spray paint your door!:D Just kidding!

    Webb/Whacheon WL-435 Lathe

    Yep, me too. I purchased a Darbert (Canadian badged Whacheon) at a Canadian auction, sight unseen. That exact same exact gear is damaged. I knew it was my problem because I didn't fly to Canada to inspect it before I bought it, but I got it at a good price, so I'm not gonna cry too much...

    Any tips for the new guys?

    I learned to be a machinist in the Navy. We learned on old, mostly worn out machines in our A school, and then went to work in repair shops making tight tolerance parts on even older, more worn out machines. It can be done, and practice makes perfect. Keep at it and you will be fine. If this...

    ...Photos...Mesta Machine Company...

    John, That is awesome! Kevin

    hook scraper

    Dian, This is a tool for removing grout from around ceramic tile, but it would probably work for what you are wanting to accomplish. Kevin

    ...Photos...Mesta Machine Company...

    John, Thanks for the clarification. I didn't think about the jaws or clamps being on the inside of the body. The valve bodies I routinely turned on the vertical turret lathe had flanges, so the normal routine was to clamp the flange of the valve body to a large plate held in the chuck, under...

    Another CNC Mill (Not) in Garage Question

    Sounds like the machine itself might fit if you remove the feet, but it still sounds like you would need to remove the electrical cabinet and maybe the pendant arm. I don't think it would be too difficult as long as you label everything well and take plenty of photos. As Garwood posted above...

    Another CNC Mill (Not) in Garage Question

    How tall is your garage door?

    ...Photos...Mesta Machine Company...

    Man, these photos remind me so much of the machine shop I worked in at the Pearl Harbor shipyard when I was in the Navy. We had vertical boring mills of that size in the shop, though they seldom ran. The biggest I ever personally ran was a 48" vertical turret lathe. This brings back a lot of...