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    z axis backlash on bridgeport

    Most Bridgeport Z axis ballscrew conversions such as the Elrod (shown in the Centroid link), Southwestern Industries etc have the ballscew hanging way out the front of the machine, to clear the original feed stop mechanism. This isn't ideal. However, you can actually fit a 16mm ballscrew where...
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    Shizuoka AN-S servo drivers

    I have a Shiz AN-S with SEM DC brushed motors and used the DG4S-16035 for all 3 axes and it has been an excellent conversion. It meant I was able to use the original encoders and I didn't have to change any of the mechanicals. I have the manual / parts list if you are looking for one. Matt...
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    Alternatives to G-wizard?

    No it's not. FS Wizard is created by Eldar Gerfanov, while G Wizard is by Bob Whorefield.
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    Alternatives to G-wizard?

    There are loads of apps for iPhone, Android etc from the likes of Sandvik, Iscar, Mitsubishi etc. They are free and you can install them on your own phone, so no problems with paranoid IT types.
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    For a noobie starting out, would you recommend Fusion 360 as a CAD program?

    Think about where you will end up if you go the Solidworks route. The Student licence only runs for 12 months, then you have to prove you are a student again. If not, you have to cough up for the full licence and they get a real sh1tty on if you don't also pay for "support". Ask for a quote for...
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    moving machinary over rough surfaces?

    An old rigger I know over here swears by heavy angle iron laid pointy edge up for moving big machines. The machines slide easily on the top edge, unlike large flats which cause a lot of friction and can end up sliding on the wrong side. You can lay them on uneven surfaces like gravel and rough...
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    Titan CNC Academy

    They are mostly just the existing Fusion 360 videos, presented by their original author like Lars Christensen etc. And yes, the "free CAD / CAM software" is the same Fusion 360 you can already get through Autodesk without having to watch the a**hole first. And yes, baran3, he does that...
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    Fusion 360 vs. Solidworks/CAMWorks....

    Bear in mind that the CAM in Fusion 360 is HSM Works. Autodesk owns both of them. The difference is that although the 2.5D version (HSMXpress) is offered for free to SW users, you get the full 3 axis (and previewing now in 5 axis?) with F360. Also, F360 is free to businesses with turnover under...
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    NEEDED!! Z-axis drive v-belt for Matchmaker (Shizuoka) AN-S

    Did you find a spare? I also have an AN-S and have some Continental part numbers for the drive belts. They should only cost a few quid. I find that there are actually several different versions of the AN-S. Mine is a Matchmaker CNC 750 but it has a fixed "ram" and no speed handle. Most other...
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    Hi Mark - just PM'd you. Murray
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    Pull stud conversion - possible?

    Hi Zahnrad Did you ever try this yourself? I just completed one myself a couple of weeks ago. Seems to work quite well. I may finesse the spring rate but apart from that it came out as I expected. Short answer is - it seems to be doable. There's a short thread I posted here: Quick change NMTB...