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    25-FT long bed VMC 4th Axis

    My shop has a FlexCNC G-series 25-04 Vertical Milling Center (25ft x 4ft) with a "4th-axis" indexing chuck rotating along the machine X-axis. I need to drill and mill a 15-ft long 8" Sch80 pipe but we don't have the necessary workholding. FlexCNC's youtube shows a similar job using hydraulic...
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    Help Identifying Hydraulic Vise

    Does anyone know who manufactures the vises shown in the attached picture? I have a new Flexcnc G-series 25-04 and I'd like to have this kind of setup to use the 4th axis, but I can't find these vises online. Flex Machine Tools is not great at answering my questions, either... Youtube link...