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    Tig welder and Bridgeport clone for sale

    Thank you Jamie for the awesome deal on the ramco! Me and dads got it runnin like a dream! Ill take some pics and email them again me and dad thank ya!! Your friend, Tom Tom
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    Monarch 10EE 1954 Round dial parting out.

    I'd be interested in the chuck Tom
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    FS Mach. Handbk, indicators, angle plates, hold downs...stuff

    Thanks I hope to learn some tips & tricks from you guys! My dads showed me a lot but he's forgot more stuff than I can learn lol! Thanks again for the welcome! Sorry for stepping on your for sale thread! You have a lot of nice stuff good luck on your sale
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    WTS Various Tool holding, measuring, tooling, etc

    Oops sorry challenger! Didnt see your post im out! Tom