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    Agie Agiecut 200D SBC-1 CRT Eprom images

    Hello all, i am looking for eprom image file because one of 4 eproms in my SBC-1 CRT board is missing. Does anyone have these image files or can read them from the eprom chip? FW0802, i need last eprom no. 3 Thanks
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    Maho Hansen Erocom - help with program

    Hello all, is here somebody who working on this edm machine? I am trying to write program with planetary sinking thread but without success. Sample program or english manual of using cycles will help. Thank you
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    Mazak SQT18 with barfeeder setup

    I have 1 under CONTI, but problem is the program 9999 is not executed automatically
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    Mazak SQT18 with barfeeder setup

    Hello guys, i connected barfeeder to my sqt18, all works fine, at end of bar is loaded program 9999, but it hangs, i need to press cycle start to continue. Can i set to work this automaticaly?
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    English T32

    Yes,thank you Here is eproms data from first MC419 card with english language: https://filebin.net/ac7pzf8nf92vl7b4/MC419-EPROM-C5-C5-C4.zip?t=tfzqgeo7
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    English T32

    sf-ca board is same as on FR-SF-2-26 is possible to read and send eproms content? I also need eprom from axis drives MR-S11 I will read eproms from language boards and then post link here.
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    English T32

    I have two boards MC419 with english language, if you need i can read eproms and send files. I am looking for eproms data on SF-CA board in freqroll FR-SF-2-18.5 spindle drive, i need all 3 eproms, ROM1, ROM2 and eprom marked as SIN D2764 can anybody help me? Tibor
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    Mazatrol T32-2 language

    Hello, i have 2 eng boards MC419 from ebay, i have replaced original german eprom board with this eng. everything works, but i have problem with simulation screen, see my post: Simulation problem with Mazatrol T32-3 on original german language board works fine, but on eng is problem with...
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    Mazak T32-3 Manuals

    Hello Justin, is possible to send me tplus manuals too? my email is [email protected] Thank you
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    Parameters for Mazak SQT18M T32-3

    Hello all, does somebody have Mazak SQT18M? I need valid parameters for this machine. MCU Card with eeprom is replaced from another machine, i do not have original eeprom. Thank you, Tibor
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    Mazatrol T32-3 axis scale, S parameters

    Hello all, i have problem with my Mazak SQT18M Z axis moving in wrong scale, movement is about 1.2 times more than programmed. If i program Z axis to move 10mm then real movement of axis is 12mm probally is wrong parameter value, but i could not find it. I have all parameters in manuals, except...
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    Simulation problem with Mazatrol T32-3

    Cutting is working correctly, problem is only with scale of simulation, second view is displayed correctly
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    Simulation problem with Mazatrol T32-3

    Hello, i have replaced memory card MC419 from original (german language) to english After that everything is working fine, except simulation screen. i see nothing on screen, shape drawing is out of screen, if i set scale to 0.05 then shape is displayed, but small. I try put module MC419 with...