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    2 inch insert drill recommended speed and feed p20 tool steel.

    Yeah I think I'm gonna do just that tomorrow morning. Yeah I don't Wana just guess at it either.
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    2 inch insert drill recommended speed and feed p20 tool steel.

    I gotta job in our Mazak quick turn 250 lathe today and I found a 2inch kennemetal insert drill in the cabinet that I have never used before. It's one of their DFT drills with trigon inserts and thru coolant. I'm more of a mill guy myself but really been enjoying the mazak lathes we have. The...
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    Best Tool For Roughing Titanium?

    We are machining these parts in our 5axis fanuc robodrill and our rep from Dataflute had us try the SSI-7 end mill and last I checked we were well over 100 parts and still going. It's a 1/2 end mill with a 1-1/2 l.oc. and it's performing much better than the one we were using before which I...
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    Trouble turning and parting off 431 stainless

    Hey Ox sorry that I'm just getting back with you, but I definitely appreciate you responding to me and giving suggestions. We just finished the first op on Monday and now we are on 2nd op. We are running blaser coolant and I have increased the concentration from 5% to 8%. We were parting to...
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    Trouble turning and parting off 431 stainless

    Hey thanks for responding to my post. I actually did bump the coolant from 5% to 8% the first day we started having issues with the job. We finally got through the first op and currently working on 2nd op. So far this op seems to be going well.
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    Trouble turning and parting off 431 stainless

    Yeah I just got back to work yesterday after being off for a few days for holiday. Part off tool running at 500sfm at .0035 per rev and sounds way better. Still working on roughing insert. My boss will be back in today gonna have him get kennemetal on the phone and see what they say. It's some...
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    Trouble turning and parting off 431 stainless

    Thank you for getting back to me. Was off for a few days for the holidays so just got back to work yesterday. The customer has the material certs for the parts we are doing for them. I'm going to get a copy today. But the material is definitely really hard nasty stuff. It almost looks like a...
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    Can I get some advice on milling off a hat.

    I've done what a few people said by profiling the part with like half inch end mill staying away like .020 and then come in and face mill it or while the first side is running I'll take the part over to the band saw and cut off the hat and then just face mill it to size and had zero issues with...
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    Trouble turning and parting off 431 stainless

    Hello everyone my name is Tom and ive been on this forum for a little while now and absolutely love it. There is so much great information on here. So i got this job im running right now and I really need some help turning and parting 431stainless steel. I don't have any experience with 431...
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    Lathe Boring 316 Stainless - Getting Chips to Break

    I just ran into this running some parts on mazak lathe. Material is 17-4. Finished bore size is .938 +/-.001 and we are pre drilling with a 13/16 insert drill .800 deep and boring .650 deep I believe. The part gets parted off at .6. Initially we were roughing the bore out going all the way into...
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    Has anybody got the book "Machine Shop Trade Secrets"?

    Yes I have it and it is an ex excellent book. So is Tom Liptons Metalworking Sink or Swim book. Both have excellent pictures and descriptions of how to do something.
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    Kitamura Mycenter 1 - value? +-?

    Hello Millacron my name is Tom and I'm new to this forum. I was reading through all of the older forums posted and came accross this one. I work for a company that has 2 Kitamura's and we are in the process of trying to get more holders for them. I was wondering if you still have any of these...