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    Hansvedt SM150B manual and info

    You ever find a manual?
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    Is 16 Gauge 304 Stainless on a 16 Gauge Finger Brake possible?

    I'm curious if and what brake you bought. And how it worked with the stainless?
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    I need info on building a 10,000 psi hydraulic pump

    Did you ever find a supplier or build a unit?
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    I'm thinking i got Lucky

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. The metal is A2. I will try reversing polarity. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    I'm thinking i got Lucky

    Not a setting. I unpluged it to create constant flush instead of pulsing flush. It definitely flushes constantly. Soot builds up in different spots, in the larger areas being sparked.
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    I'm thinking i got Lucky

    I recently purchased a used manual sinker (Pacific Controls 30.) The manual is a little on the chinglish side and minimal on information. I did manage to get the thing to work but am a bit clueless on settings and such. I had a pressing job that needed completed and after a few test burns and...
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    pantograph rpms

    I have a couple of easy questions for you tool and die makers and general pantograph buffs. I just blew the dust off my Deckel pantograph that I have had for years. I think I have even figured out how to use the SOE sharpener that came with it. But I am having a hard time with the actual...
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    SOE filter wetting agent?

    The wetting agent is going to be an oil or somthing like the K&N spray used on auto air filters. Oiling filters is a common practice but we all know Deckel, they are quite specific about some of their specs. I emailed both UK and US grinder companies but have'nt received a reply...
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    SOE filter wetting agent?

    The SOE manual says to apply DELBAG VISCINOL A 30 wetting agent to the filter, after cleaning. Is this stuff available or is there an acceptable substitute? Thanks, any help would be appreciated. Steve