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    Nichols Miller spindle assembly for sale

    How about Nichols arbors? Table lead screw half nut? Hand crank/wheel? Thank you for your time. J.
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    Nichols vertical head wc-234 with drive gear and drawbar for sale

    JPD, Is this Vert Head still available? (responded to you on your other post [spindle assy]) J.
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    Nichols Miller spindle assembly for sale

    Hello JPD, What else do you have for this machine remaining? Thanks J.
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    Lin Huan LHT-32

    Did you get your model 32 up and running with some collets?
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    Hardinge Mill UM wiring to run

    One more added detail ; I opened up another side panel, and saw a sharpie written on the motor wiring box... But if you zoom in to the nameplate on the motor it states 440v... either this is still possible to utilize 230v or it is actually wired up 440v and someone wrote 220v on the cover...
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    Hardinge Mill UM wiring to run

    ***I will edit the original post, now.^^^ (Cannot edit the original post, I believe it expires after 24 hours) Thank you very much for that. These are my next questions, once I get personal with the factory connections. The fact that you jumped ahead and answered some possibilities of what or...
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    Hardinge Mill UM wiring to run

    Great, thank you very much. I will check that this evening.
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    Hardinge Mill UM wiring to run

    Happy Independence weekend to all! If anyone is familiar with the Hardinge wiring and boxes. I have a couple questions about some wiring. One stated below and the other once I confirm this first question. Looking to verify a few things on my Hardinge Mill. Referring to the tag at the top...
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    jones shipman 1300 grinder manual / lubrication

    I checked there, thank you for that. I did not see the taper or tooling style on there. I am coming up with 16.6 degrees for the angle of the workhead spindle taper... Just looking to be sure
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    jones shipman 1300 grinder manual / lubrication

    Brian@VersaMil Do you know some specs on these grinders? (Jones Shipman 1314 specifically) Thanks
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    Hardinge TM Spindle Bearings

    Rif, Did you ever Change out those bearings? If so what were the numbers on them, or numbers for new ones? Thank you
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    Wanted--one inch arbor for Hardinge TM/UM mill

    Larry, please send me a conversation of tooling you may have, as I would like to get a couple items for the Hardinge TM... Thanks, Jared.
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    New direction for me, bought a Jet TL-42

    DMSentra let me know if you want to get rid of any tooling or parts for this machine. I would really like to get some measurements of the vertical cut off attachment for this. Thanks again for your response in December
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    1J Step Pulley Bridgeport noise

    Well, I wonder what ever happened to this guys BP. He did not come back and mention. J.
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    turret lathe tooling?

    I could use that pdf manual too "magicmaker" Thanks hope this works. j
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    New direction for me, bought a Jet TL-42

    What did you end up doing with this TL-42? Do you have a manual or other tool holders for it? Thanks.
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    Dimensions of Hardinge threaded spindle noses?

    Larry, What do you have available for the 4c spindle nose mounts or anything for 49-xxxxx 4c turret lathes? Thank you for reading (an old thread) J.
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    Bridgeport step pulley - question, bolt size?

    Brandenberger, Thank you. Very much. I just got to it and removed it. But thanks a lot for pdf, I did have that saved on my phone, but I did not know the location of the file. Thank you for the content reminder. Much appreciated.
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    Bridgeport step pulley - question, bolt size?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know what size bolt thread is in the base right here? It is where the knee lift pedestal mount to the base.
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    Looking to buy... (1) Hardinge turret lathe --- HELP with what to look for...

    Found the serial number!!! Larry (L. Vanice) I actually went back to the machine and found the serial number myself. *** Looking for a manual or parts breakdown of headstock and complete unit. Thanks for your input so far by the way Larry