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  1. J

    Any Flow waterjet techs in Florida?

    My advice is get in there and learn what you need to get it finished up yourself. If you plan on owning a used waterjet, you will be doing maintenance constantly so best to start learning now. What is the level of work needed to finish?
  2. J

    Source for heavy wheels and tires?

    A paint cart rolling in and out of a booth in a yard, but do you need to go far or fast? If not I would cut 8-bolt wheel centers from plate, and weld on rolled rings. Plenty strong, as big or small as you want , bolts right up to what you have now. Forklift wheels that could be fit onto the...
  3. J

    Gas Cylinders: Exchange when Empty?

    As others have noted I get bad welds from the bottom of Argon tanks with TIG. I simply run shielding gas tanks until they stop producing a good weld, and can't think of any reason to stop before then.
  4. J

    Straight sided Vibe deburr machine, parts sticking to sides.

    Is there enough meat that you could just groove the existing liner? I'm thinking hot knife like a tire groover, or for a less aggressive method some linoleum cutting tools from an art supply? I cast a urethane mount for concrete products sometimes that we simply epoxy to the concrete with "PC...
  5. J

    Slightly O/T advice on usefulness of skid steer as yard machine around machine shop

    The skid steer will be more maneuverable, but the tractor is likely much smoother riding with the load. Also no matter what you stick on the front of one a forklift will run circles around you all day long doing forklift work. All that said I own a skid steer and would hate to not have one...
  6. J

    Bradley 50lb compact power hammer

    Interested, though it is far from me. I sent you a private message.
  7. J

    Shipping options for larger palletized machine?

    THIS! lol F*** that place! I tried so many times to block them, and ask to be removed from the list. Took years..
  8. J

    Thinking of getting hydraulic hose crimping machine/fittings for repairing own equipment.

    This is my reasoning for wanting to do it.
  9. J

    Thinking of getting hydraulic hose crimping machine/fittings for repairing own equipment.

    Could you elaborate a little bit on what made it not worth the time for you guys? Thanks.
  10. J

    Thinking of getting hydraulic hose crimping machine/fittings for repairing own equipment.

    I haven't really shopped around yet for a source of fittings. I was probably thinking a budget of around $1500-2500 would get me enough hose and fittings to have a decent assortment. Then about the same for a good used crimper with dies. I should make a parts list for the Hyster hoses I want...
  11. J

    Thinking of getting hydraulic hose crimping machine/fittings for repairing own equipment.

    I could be wrong, but I would think the added fittings cost wouldn't take too long to overcome any equipment expense for the crimped fittings. Plus I would rather have a crimped fitting most of the time I think. Hydraulic lines are always a pain to wrench on, and I feel like having a bunch of...
  12. J

    Show your production workshop here

    I would rather deal with spammers who at least post manufacturing related pictures, than whatever all this other bs is...
  13. J

    Thinking of getting hydraulic hose crimping machine/fittings for repairing own equipment.

    I want to completely re-hose one of our forklifts, and figure the cost of that might be enough to justify putting the money into a crimper and assortment of fittings/hose. I don't think it will be cost saving at the volumes I do over a year, but the added ability to make a hose at anytime seems...
  14. J

    Buying metal in Temecula or San Diego area for small shop.

    I've always had good dealings with Coast, and usually start there for aluminum and some stainless quotes. I wouldn't expect a supplier to unload their saw just to cut one length if it was already tied up cutting jobs. I've sawzalled HSS 40' and 48' lengths in half at my steel supplier before...
  15. J

    Updates on sale

    I don't think your going to have much luck here. Making a bunch of new posts, and not posting pricing is gonna rub everyone the wrong way also. You really need to go to Ebay with that stuff IMO.
  16. J

    Large tool and material lot

    Respectfully, I really do think you're wrong on this one. Obviously not everything sells, but did you look at what old unknown condition cutters are selling for on eBay? It's higher than I would have thought. I also never said it wouldn't be work to sell it all, but I bet someone could make...
  17. J

    Large tool and material lot

    Value to effort is very relative to your circumstances. Someone could be hoping to get some pocket change for the weekend, or they could be a month away from being foreclosed on. I bet many people earning the average income would happily spend a few hours a day to make an extra $1500 one month.
  18. J

    drilling/gluing inserts into granite surface plate.

    If just a few I would probably make a drill guide out of a scrap block, and use one of these hardware store core bits in a hand drill slowly. The remaining core will break off and pull out the hole if small enough, or run a solid bit in after to clear it out. But this would leave a much nicer...
  19. J

    Large tool and material lot

    Some of you guys are pretty far off on the value of this stuff I think. Could be easily $1500-3000 in cutters in there if you pieced it out on Ebay. (would be a lot of work) Look into what stuff is actually selling for by searching sold listings. Here is a link to a bunch of sold listings...