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    Copper air lines- 50/50 or 95/5 solder?

    That's because it was 370 deg F. Whoever did that is crazy stupid!
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    ATF Firearm Marking Requirments

    Opinions are worth what you pay for them. Prior to 1968, Many firearms had no serial numbers because they weren't required. Serial numbers were for internal company records.
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    R8 vs ER32 collet question

    I ditched my R8 collets a long time ago (years). I use an ER32 collet chuck an R8 taper drill chuck and and occasional R8 boring head. I don't have a power draw bar. I might have a different opinion if I did. JMHO YMMV
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    Phase Perfect shop install setup

    First off, start your own thread.
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    Machining AR 400 on a Bridgeport

    I would Not use a cutting torch unless you want to lose the benefit of using AR400 steel. If only making one, Make sure it is held very rigid and then start milling. An insert endmill might be better than a large face mill on a little Bridgeport.
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    Advice for small R&D mill

    Time to look at reality. The shop is gone. Go buy a cheap mill/drill and send anything else out for bid. Anything other than a few drilled holes is going to require more knowledge and equipment than what you have/need. JMHO
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    Opening choke on SxS

    This will give you your best chance at success.
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    Ironworker hydraulic system filter.

    I just got a "new to me" Edwards ironworker. It's in pretty good shape for it's age (born '95). This is my first ironworker and what sticks out is there is no filter in the hydraulic system. Every hydraulic system I an familiar with has a filter due to the tight clearances in cylinders. Heck...
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    OT- advise me on automated gate openers and gates

    I also put up a dual 8' (16' opening) swing gate. I used the earlier model LA400. (The manual looks the same) The only issues I've had is the batteries needed to be replaced, and it NEEDS the batteries to function. It's hot in Phoenix and no battery lasts long outside. Biggest installation...
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    Retrofitting a 1985 BostoMatic BD55-2 with Numatix Control

    For crisake, it's only been a day!
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    Going rate for a machine shop

    And if you don't know what the part is or does, how do figure that out?:crazy: If your in a small area and the only shop around this may work for you. If your quoting against several other shops that know their machines, cycle and setup times, you may be losing out.
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    What gun parts can be made legally?

    The whole thing can be made (including the receiver). You just can't make it with the "intent" to sell it. Doesn't mean you can't sell it, you just can't make it solely to sell it. This of course is for non-manufacturers (most of us). If you make most any "part" for sale, you risk "being in the...
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    Flux Vector VFD with feedback; positioning?

    Can a flux vector VFD with an encoder feedback loop be used to index the motor at the same position when it's stopped as well as for speed control? The application would be for spindle orientation for a tool changer.:scratchchin: If not, any ideas on how it could be adapted? Thanks Dean
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    .22lr How to thread for moderator/silencer

    All my Form 4 and Form 1's say "SILENCER" on 'em.:scratchchin:
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    Company canceling Pension plan. What can I expect?

    We don't have a choice. We couldn't survive another Obama term.:nutter:
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    Changing Spindles in Bridgeport Mill Erickson to R8

    They do make a QC30 to R8 adapter. Would be cheaper than a new spindle. DQ
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    Tapping help!

    The picture you posted appears to be a hand tap. They rarely work under power without breaking (chip build up in flutes). I would suggest a gun tap or roll form tap.
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    Standard mill or conversational

    Another question with the answer.....it depends.:D I have a full size manual knee mill and a CNC (Bridgeport series 1 with Flashcut control). If I could only have one, it would be the CNC. But there are some things that are faster on a manual. It depends on what your gonna do! I'm not familiar...
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    Live centers

    What do you use to lube the bearings on your Skoda live centers?