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    Most adequate tool for creating chamfers?

    Hi, I've seen in my local shop that they use a countersink to do the chamfering on the pieces they machine, it does the job but I don't really think it's the best tool to use since it's no intended for that. I guess there are a lot of tools to use but which is the most adequate for cnc...
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    FeatureCam price?

    HI, I'm planning to get some licenses of featurecam for my workshop, does anyone know and average price of this product?:skep: also would you recommend that or mastercam?, any noticeable differences?
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    How to CNC machine G-10 FR-4

    Hello, in my workshop we have a Haas VM3 we machine some pieces utilizing G10 FR-4 GLASS EPOXY COMPOSITE LAMINATE MATERIAL We machine it with coolant and Carbide tools, My question is: ¿What is the best way to machine this material? (to get better tool life and faster machining times) also ¿does...
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    How do you manage tools (stock,buying,inventory,etc...)

    In my shop I'm looking to manage the tools we use for the CNC and create an inventory, so far we've done it in ms Excel but I think there are better alternatives, What I've seen so far is Siemens team center, ¿Is it actually worth it? if not, ¿what can I use to create inventories and databases...