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    Why do you use cast iron vs cheap mild steel?

    . some steel parts cause tougher stronger are made thinner. cast iron cause it is not as strong or tough parts are often made much much thicker than a steel part, it's the weight and mass that helps . from experience when cast iron is less than .75" thick and especially <.5" thick it will...
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    Why do you use cast iron vs cheap mild steel?

    I use Cast Iron grade A or grade 35 usually thinner than 1.5" (tensile strength is 35000 psi) Cast Iron grade B or grade 40 usually thicker than 1.5" Ductile Iron 65-45-12 (tensile - yield - ductile % elongation limit) usually >1.5" thick Ductile iron 80-60-3, usually <1.5" thick . ...
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    Dividers Should Be Digital

    google shows them but all the ones I have seen its .01" resolution, often in wood working tool catalog . caliper points clamp on regular digital caliper usually need to check calibration that is set on "gage" with points a known distance and zero caliper, in theory if made correctly when on the...
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    Machinist Calculator Apps

    Google Sheets runs on android phone, it's free, very similar to Excel, and files stored backed up online and files also can be copied on phone when no internet or wifi. .... typically takes less than a minute to setup a formula, then only a few seconds to change a cell, recalculate on enter...
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    Sanding Fixture Plate Jig thingy - Have you seen one?

    3M stikit sandpaper is adhesive backed sandpaper in rolls, like a roll of tape but sand paper, find on Google easily . drywall sanding blocks of usually plastic with clamps to hold sandpaper are common, also used in autobody work sanding bondo. . lapping film actual plastic sheet coated like...
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    Must have had my head in the sand, COST OF Acetylene, what happened?

    acetylene is explosive, take oxyacetylene torch neutral flame put again bench to extinguish flame and fill a balloon size of soccer ball. the put balloon in a vise and pop balloon with a lit torch. .... explosion almost knocked me over, flash of light and shock wave went up and blow dust off...
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    Inherited Tools Covered In Wax

    most rest preventive compounds are mineral spirits and wax or asphalt tar as mineral spirits dries it leaves wax. even if hot dipped in wax, mineral spirits usually dissolves wax. castings weighing tons are often coated with rust preventative. I spray on M1 let soak in which is mostly mineral...
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    Not willing to change

    I am 61 years old. They had a new CNC horizontal mill 50" pallets, reads XYZ to .00001" and degrees to .0001. They got one of the younger guys about 34 to work with the programmer as head CNC operator for 4 years. they wanted to hire new people just out of school (didn't want any old guys) to be...
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    Where are the fundamental base machinists?

    . in a emergency a cnc operator would use a drill doctor or darex drill bit sharpener as if not precise enough grind it can cause problems, same with inserts are replaced and end mills get sent out to be professionally resharpened. . now a days a operator needs to look up a procedure on a...
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    Question of finish on manual lathe

    , obvious insert manufacturers have recommendations, some inserts give a mirror finish for 20 minutes, then finish deteriorates. vibration will give a rough finish whether from machine, tool holder, dull insert, part vibration, etc BUE is built up edge, going so slow metal sticks to insert, you...
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    Aluminum endmill, floor finish

    . shiny mirror finish we use a database of feeds and speeds for particular tool holders and part materials. BUT if getting vibration might need to lower depth of cut for less vibration as well as use new sharp mill. common to use .003" or less depth of cut for finishing. too slow sfpm eventually...
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    MITSUI SEIKI Craftsmanship

    Mitsui Horizontal CNC mill I use reads 0.00001" and 0.0001 degrees. . biggest problem I have is temperature changes effecting parts probably from coolant evaporation. holding +/-.0001"diameter on 10" bores is not always easy. the theory is a ring gage gets colder smaller faster than a 1/2 to 2...
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    Manlift for shop use? Crazy to build? or possible to buy?

    . most people would rent a manlift when needed. obviously storage and maintenance costs if you own one are expensive. if anybody gets hurt and sues the company that owes the manlift thats another reason not to own one but rent as needed.
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    Underlayment under a vise. Waxed paper, anything else, or bad idea/

    Brush plating nickel, using a DC powersource with voltage and amp control (usually <$200), brush often just Stainless sheet metal connected to DC power wrapped in cotton clothe held with rubber band. cotton soaked in chemical 1) to clean metal, often use electro clean is a chemcal dip into...
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    Under-size drilling for a tapped hole. Bad idea ?

    . not sure why you worry about surface finish of tap drill diameter, drill tip tends to bounce around a bit especially longer drills. tap chart usually based on low carbon steel 2/3" depth minimum to diameter and cast iron tapped hole depth at least deep as diameter of hole to match strength...
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    powder mixed with water to harden into filler for iron porosity

    many foundries use Bondo or Auto Body filler, it sticks fairly well and can be milled or ground relatively easily, epoxy filler can be on brittle side where Bondo tends to flex rather than break up ..... grout cement or any mineral filled base using sand would be hard on milling drilling cutters
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    Welcome to my casting nightmare

    fixture wax https://www.miteebite.com/products/mitee-grip-gen-ii/ careful with hot melt glue if part warms up a stiff rigid glue can suddenly fail from temp changes, like double sided tape if it has some flex it can usually better tolerate temp changes and not suddenly fail, usually when you...
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    Utility of G53?

    some cnc need G90 G53 Z0.; the G90 absolute needed on cnc with G53 maybe cause a parameter setting also G53 usually in G0 or rapid only by default, ignores G1 F100. usually again probably parameter setting as many cnc will act different with same Gcode
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    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    "If I mdi m6 t1 I get a carousel error" try T1 M6; or T1; M6; some machines picky want tool number before M6 or even want on 2 separate lines .... also if tool in pocket 1 is T10000008 it might prefer T10000008;M6; instead of T1 just guessing, just things to try
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    New to solid carbide drills

    pecking problems usually at high rapids drill tip don't like bouncing off beginning of hole (longer drills whip or wobble more at higher rpm) so sometimes on peck drill doesn't come completely out of hole and peck parameter that is how far from last peck rapids stop and feed begins. if deep hole...