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  1. rwilliams


    Great job, easy to follow documentation.
  2. rwilliams

    Can someone explain how worn out 155mm artillery barrels are rebored??

    In 20 years of service in Cannon Artillery units; 105mm, 155mm and 8"/203mm and having a few carriages re-tubed I never heard anything about any relining of shot out tubes. I don't think it was ever done. Bob
  3. rwilliams

    Off Machining Topic: Credit Card Application/Credit Score

    Reference the Military Discounts at Lowes and Home Depot, check the fine print. Lowes and Home Depot are somewhat two faced. The last time I checked, a couple of months ago, Appliances and Construction Materials are now excluded from the Military Discount.
  4. rwilliams

    Powermatic 100 12" Planer Knife Adjustment

    There may be other methods but, I think you need to learn how to use a dial indicator and use it if you expect to get the knives set uniformly to equally share the cutting. and leave less rippling. Which is bogging down, the cutter head rpm's or the rate of feed for the wood? If the cutter head...
  5. rwilliams

    Fixing Milling Arbor Runout

    What is the run out when filled with good spacers and the nut torqued down? Bob
  6. rwilliams

    Help identify angle measuring tool

    Similar to an Artillery Gunner's Quadrant, but not one. Degrees and minutes have not been use to lay (point) artillery for indirect fire since before WWI. As stated earlier, likely an instrument to measure incline. Bob
  7. rwilliams

    A curious tiny tool

    I also would say a military rifle oil container/application dauber. The US Army had similar oilers for the early M1 and I think all M1 Carbines. Later M1 containers were plastic. Bob
  8. rwilliams


    This is now a little late but, since this thread is already sideways I have a few comments, not related to Thermite, but about the Vietnam Vets. I will not use the language I would like. Any politics aside their treatment was abysmal. Vietnam Vets returning, spit on or not, were treated with...
  9. rwilliams

    Machining Custom Goniometer Stage

    Can you fit a spring to keep the arm against the micrometer spindle, if so then no backlash.
  10. rwilliams

    Warner Swasey #5

    I just saw this if anyone is interested. I have no knowledge of the seller or the machine. It is in Jacksonville, Arkansas. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1519410811829485/ Bob
  11. rwilliams

    Delta Rockwell 11” lathe

    The Delta Rockwell Lathe group moved to, groups.io, and I believe is still active. Bob
  12. rwilliams

    6" dia, bronze, steel tipped bullet 30 1/2" long, what did it fit?

    kustomizer, At least you got a blacksmith cone out of the deal despite a lot of banter. If you care it was most likely a Naval 6"/47 projectile that made its way inland. The M1897 turn of the century 6" era projectiles used a different fuze thread diameter and different threads per inch, 1.7"...
  13. rwilliams

    6" dia, bronze, steel tipped bullet 30 1/2" long, what did it fit?

    Scott, It could also be a 6"/47 Naval Gun High Capacity (HC) or other 6"/47 projectile. They are about that length fuzed and use the more current type fuzes. All turn of the century/WWI fuzes I have seen were shorter and had a much more rounded business end appearance. Bob
  14. rwilliams

    6" dia, bronze, steel tipped bullet 30 1/2" long, what did it fit?

    M44A2 is the number for a dummy/training fuze. The picture does does not look like the older typical garden variety M107 US 155mm High Explosive (HE) round, no boat tail. Bob 71193
  15. rwilliams

    Restoration of Gaertner Toolmaker Microscope

    Kevin, Thanks for the information about Gaertner. That must have been a heck of an auction given how long they have been around, especially if they did not clean house too often. Bob
  16. rwilliams

    Restoration of Gaertner Toolmaker Microscope

    Conrad, No Classified Information request, I just did not want to clutter up the Forum, But, I guess I will in the quest for information. I want to remove the graduated knob/handwheel on a Gaertner Linear Slide, clean up and lube project. I got the crank piece off, no problem. However, the...
  17. rwilliams

    Restoration of Gaertner Toolmaker Microscope

    Hal, I did send a PM. But, I haven't heard anything back yet; he doesn't seem to have been active here for a while. Bob
  18. rwilliams

    Restoration of Gaertner Toolmaker Microscope

    Thornewmexico, If you are still around the forum please check your Private Messages. I have a question about the handwheels on your Gaertner Toolmakers Microscope. Thanks, Bob
  19. rwilliams

    vaccine mandate

    Military inoculation mandate: Washington Inoculates an Army | American Battlefield Trust. The process was not highly tested. Also, by today's process, how highly tested was the polio vaccine, I remember when crutches, braces, wheel chairs and iron lungs were not uncommon. I wish I could buy...
  20. rwilliams

    Antique Tool Chest

    It is is very similar to an older, pre-plastic, Army chest/bench. Bob